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You’ve stumbled into another one of those blogs put together by an unpublished writer.  Yes, I’m working on a WIP, but who isn’t?  I started outlining it in 2013!  I wish I could say I’m getting close, but who knows?  I’m toiling away on Scribophile.

I’ve written a few short stories but…they ain’t that good.

I’ve written about my learning journey, but who wants to read what I have to say?  We should all follow Rowling or King.  Some other good ones are  Kristen, the ladies in New HampshireWriter Unboxed, Blake Snyder’s old Save The Cat, nano fiction with Rochelle, and my favorite New Zealander.

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My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Editing (2)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Editing – Doing It By Ear

I moved from revising to editing.

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How do we know if our writing is any good?

Think about that.

Walk into your library, walk down the shelf and pull books down at random.  Read through them.

Is it hard to tell if you think you’ll like them?  Nope.

So why is it so darned hard to do that with our own stuff?

Our Secret Weapon – The Ear
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My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Getting My Scene Types Right (7)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Special Scenes:  Climax Scenes

I finished Epiphany Scenes.

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What Are Climax Scenes?

These are no mystery.  They are the absolute high point of our story.

For thousands of words our MC bumbled and stumbled from one mishap to another, thought she had it figured out, only to fall on her face, then discovered what she had to change inside herself, then found a way to force the final confrontation with the bad guy.

So, here she is, ready or not, faced with the story question.  And the stakes couldn’t be higher.  If she doesn’t win she gets no second chance.  They won’t be handing out participation badges for this test…first place or nothing. Continue reading

My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Getting My Scene Types Right (6)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Special Scenes:  Epiphany Scenes

I finished First and Final Scenes.

go to leekah 1I’m madly editing now, but I will try to remember what I learned with Epiphany Scenes.

What Are Epiphany Scenes?

Epiphany Scenes are the key point of the MC’s internal struggle, where they wrestle with all that has gone wrong in their lives and realize they are the reason for all their woes…and they resolve to mend their ways.

This isn’t just some I did bad and now I will do good.  They confess they did bad things because _____.  They know exactly what happened inside them that let them do a bad thing.  Maybe it was pride, or greed, or jealousy.  And they resolve to never do it again, no matter how hard it is.

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My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Getting My Scene Types Right (5)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Special Scenes:  First and Final Scenes

I finished Suspense Scenes.

go to leekah 1Gosh, I didn’t realize I’d been away so long, and I completely forgot I was going to write about Special Scenes.

So let’s do that.

What the heck are Special Scenes?

Four Special scenes are so important to our story’s success that we give them extra attention and put them together in ways unlike any other scene type in our story.

What are they?

First Scene



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My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Getting My Scene Types Right (4)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Suspense Scenes – Part Two

I finished reworking Suspense Scenes.

go to leekah 1So, I’m finally done with Suspense Scenes.

And I never did see that fat little guy with a big nose and a bigger belly.

What did I change?

I’ve talked about suspense scenes in other posts.   And I finished the twenty-one left on my plate.  I continued to use the same approach I used as last week.

I didn’t have to work nearly as hard the last several days.  I had some very large scenes, some approaching 3,000 words.  I found myself tweaking more than drastically reshaping.  Either I wrote them better, or I’m worn down.

What’s Next?

I’m on to my special scenes.  Then…editing.

Read about First and Final scenes.