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You’ve stumbled into another one of those blogs put together by an unpublished writer.  Yes, I’m working on a WIP, but who isn’t?  I started outlining it in 2013!  I wish I could say I’m getting close, but who knows?  I’m toiling away on Scribophile.

I’ve written a few short stories but…they ain’t that good.

I’ve written about my learning journey, but who wants to read what I have to say?  We should all follow Rowling or King.  Some other good ones are  Kristen, the ladies in New HampshireWriter Unboxed, Blake Snyder’s old Save The Cat, nano fiction with Rochelle, and my favorite New Zealander.

Please feel free to read more about me, or contact me.

My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Reshaping Character Arcs (2)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Reshaping Character Arcs (2)

I began reshaping character arcs.

go to leekah 1My Main Character has a new arc.

Well…it’s not new, just kind of different.

My Beta Readers didn’t like how she changed when her world fell apart.  She is Native, thrust into a Colonial world to save her people.  When her world fell apart, she grew more emotional and ineffective as she dealt with grief and stress.  And readers thought she should become more Native, embracing her heritage values and letting go of her adopted values.  And…now she does.

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My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Reshaping Character Arcs (1)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Reshaping Character Arcs (1)

I finished revising my fight and battle scenes.

go to leekah 1My Beta Readers liked my characters but…

I put in a lot of work on my character arcs.  And they came out pretty much the way I wanted them to.  But Beta Readers insisted I make changes.

They thought I could merge one of my important character into another.   My character, a woman, became, effectively, the nanny for my MC’s son.  She didn’t get a lot of face time and existed, in part, to sacrifice herself to save the MC.  Readers pointed out that my MC, a Native, would be more likely to trust another character, my MC’s sister, with her son.  And…they are right.

My villain / love interest came off as too old and rigid.  Readers couldn’t see why she is so attracted to him.  As one said, if he is going to make her act all stupid he needs to exude more animal magnetism than I wrote him with.  My readers are, once again, right. Continue reading

My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Fight and Battle Scenes (3)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Fight and Battle Scenes (3)

I continued to work on my fight scenes.

cover 1Wow…I really haven’t posted anything in six weeks?

There goes the plan for posting several times a week and building my blog up to a likership of millions.  Ha.

What was I trying to do?

My betas hated my fight and battle scenes.  That hurt.  I don’t want to just be a writer.  I want to be a good writer, who tells compelling stories.  And I weep at the thought that, if readers stick with me, they will skim over any of my scenes.

What did I do?

I rewrote all my fight and action scenes, paying a lot of attention to the build-up, the setting, who was doing what, and made the knife fight, the sword fight, and the duel with pistols as realistic as I could…even though I’ve never tried to cut anyone with a knife, hack someone with a sword, or shoot someone. Continue reading

My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Fight and Battle Scenes (2)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Fight and Battle Scenes (2)

I rewrote one of my fight scenes.

cover 1I’m pulling my hair out.

My beta readers didn’t feel immersed in my battle or fight scenes.  I knew they were right the moment I read the comment.

I admit it.

I don’t know how to write fight scenes.

Still, I’ve tried…three times…to write my stupid fight scene, and a pretty easy one by the way.  I haven’t gotten to the battle scenes, which are waaaaaaaay hard.

Write what life looks like

Ever had this happen to you?  You beat your brains out and ask for help on what you are doing wrong, asking for suggestions?

Only most people want to talk in general terms, and I should write them that way.


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My WIP’s Fourth Revision – Fight and Battle Scenes (1)


My WIP’s Fourth Revision

Fight and Battle Scenes (1)

My beta readers reacted to my story.

cover 1

How many of you skim through battle scenes?

Raise your hand!

Me too.

And I have a bunch in my story.

And they aren’t very good.

How ‘Bout Them Apples?

Elmore Leonard said, “Just snip the boring bits out.”

How tempting.  After all, isn’t that one of the tricks of writing?  Leave some of the stuff off-stage?  Sure, Shakespeare had fighting, but he never had casts of thousands swinging from one pirate ship to another.  Why?  Because he didn’t have room on stage.

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My WIP’s Third Revision – The Betas Spoke


My WIP’s Third Revision

The Beta’s Spoke

I working on my WIP.

cover 1And I cried.I

No…not really…quite.

David, Ash and Alan were the only other people besides my Trusted Reader to go all the way through my story.  Overall, they were very supportive and said nice things.  I knew better than to ask them if I was ready to go.

We had a group of four.  If you’ve read some of my other postings, you know I went last because I was the largest and I was still working on it.  I was very impressed with the other WIPS.  If ever I’d thought I was a special snowflake I found out I’m not.

Still, this is my first serious WIP.  And while I wrote trashy stuff on another website, about the only thing I can say for it is that I was too dumb to know what I didn’t know and just laid it all out there.  Once I decided I wanted to be serious, I looked to the how-to-write-books books for help on story structure and scene structure.  And…it works.

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