Outlines Of A Shadow


Sunday morning came, finally.  Awake at 5 AM, unable to sleep, I lay still.  Sometimes, early morning can but fun, but I did not want any distractions.  My outline cried out to me, languishing, unfinished.   So, I quietly climbed out of bed.  No stray hand reached out to me.  I would have weakened.  Instead, I turned up the heat, fed the cat, and put water on for tea.

He got up four hours later, and I made breakfast for him.  He is getting ready for a day of watching football.  I finished my outline for the ending of A Whisper In The Storm (for mature readers).  We are both happy.  Maybe, tonight, we will find a way to celebrate.

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Ugg Boots and Love


Ugg Boots and Love

Eagerly, I opened the Reader, anxious to discover new treasures.  At first, The Daily Prompt:  Land of Confusion, scared me.  I put it out of my mind, but the challenge kept popping up.  Finally, I gave in, remembering an important time where I felt out-of-place.

 NOTE:  I changed names and details, to respect the privacy of those I love.

An entire film genre of can’t miss comedies packs people into theaters.  Some happy young couple, perhaps married, perhaps not, goes to meet one side of the family.  Why do people go see these movies to laugh?  These films work because we empathize with fear and pain as the characters struggle through to happiness. Continue reading

Eternity With A Kitty Carrier – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Eternity With A Kitty Carrier

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it:  Today’s strong word are discuss, underpin, demean, resonate, incorporate, reflect, consider, weaken, isolate, and control.

Today, we continue with Amy.

Read about Amy learning a lesson.

AmyAmy leaned forward, seat belt cutting into her, eyes glued to Tabitha, unable to look away.  Hair curling, heart stopping howls demanded that everyone look at those yellow eyes glaring through wire mesh.  Up front, her parents calmly discussed route to their Vet.

Her father valiantly underpinned his argument, pointing out that highways were always faster than streets, except when blocked by jack-knifed semis.  Tabitha demeaned his earlier promise of prompt arrivals and examinations.  Instead, Amy’s heart resonated with Tabitha’s feat of incorporating howls, alternating with desperate purrs.  Amy still blessed with a child’s acceptance of inexplicable deeds, trusted her parents and their promises.

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Bleeding Eyes and Broken Word Lists


Tired eyes throbbed, staring at pulsating text wavering across blurry screens.  Filled with hate, despising plot flow and loathing characters, I changed the publish date to fifteen minutes in the future.  Unclicking Private, I pressed Update.  Part Three joined the first two parts of A Whisper In The Storm (for mature readers).  Two parts, unwritten, remain.

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There, But For The Grace Of God


There, But For The Grace Of God

My eyes slid past the title, Inmate Roster as of November 7, 2013 like a foot slipping on an icy concrete step.  Nothing in the sterile article arrested my gaze, caught my skid.  The arid style was dryer than the voice of an ancient prophet crying in the desert.  Then I remembered the challenge from the Daily Prompt:  Connect The Dots.  I had never participated before, so I decided to jump off the bridge.

Disinterested, I glanced through the names.  Seeing none I recognized, I sighed with relief.  But, what would I have thought, had a former class mate, or neighbor been on the list?  Would memories have replayed themselves in my mind?  Would I have felt sorrow and pity?  I lost my objectivity, suddenly caring

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Quirked Eyebrows and Fluttering Hands – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Quirked Eyebrows and Fluttering Hands

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it.  Today’s strong word are sanction, abolish, signal, dismiss, threaten, expose, presume, typify, preclude, strengthen

tammyTammy tugged down her jacket and assumed her I-am-your-friendly-guide smile.  “Hello.  My name is Tammy, and I will be your guide this afternoon.”  The tourists, some who clearly spoke no English gathered around, already taking pictures.  “Please feel free to ask me questions as we go.  By sanction of the Chateau, the Count permits pictures.  However,” she paused, finger up, until she had everyone’s attention.  “Touch nothing.”  She smiled.  Most echoed her smile. Continue reading