Silence Is Golden, Honesty Is Forever – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Silence is Golden, Honesty is Forever

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it:  Today’s strong word are loom, breach, impact, result, recur, justify, preserve, deny, investigate, and diverge.

Today, we meet Amy.

Sister Mary loomed over Amy. Narrowed blue eyes peeked over wire-framed glasses. Her lips were narrow, disapproving.

Amy’s eyes dropped, involuntarily. When they lay down for nap time, breaching the rule of silence never entered her mind. Cary’s giggle had been more than Amy could stand, and she had giggled, too. After all, it was Amy’s birthday.

“Well, Amy.” Her voice was soft. “You know the rule. When we take our nap, we lay, quietly. Even if we cannot sleep, we make no noise. Your noises impact others. Then they cannot rest.”

Tears flooded Amy’s eyes. She felt ever so bad for breaking the rule. She was even more remorseful that her transgression might result in cancellation of her birthday party. Her mother had worked so hard, making the cupcakes. And who would drink the cider?

The silence stretched on. Finally, Amy looked up. The nun continued to regard her. Amy bit her lip.

“Ah. And now your bad habit recurs.” Sister Mary folded her arms.  “Your mother will be so disappointed, especially on your special day.” She continued to nod. “I have not idea what to do. Do you think your behavior justifies a reward?”

Amy fought to hold her tears back. She wanted, desperately, to preserve her chances for the party. She knew better than to deny the question. Mother told her to tell the truth, no matter what might happen. With a sob, she shook her head.

The nun nodded. “Very good, Amy.  Do not deny your mistakes. Investigate your heart. Acknowledge your wrong-doings. Life is much easier to live with a clear conscience and a happy heart.”

Amy felt a great weight lifted from her heart. With a small hand, she wiped her eye. She shuddered as her sob died.

Sister Mary nodded again. “We wouldn’t want your Mother to diverge from those carefully laid plans, would we?” She was smiling now.

Amy, irrepressible, giggled. When she saw the widespread arms of the smiling woman, Amy flew into her arms. “Aunt Mary. Mom would be so mad at you.” She giggled more as the hug grew stronger.


Read about Amy taking her kitty to the Vet.

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