Duct Tape, Candy and Legos – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Duct Tape, Candy and Lego’s

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it:  Today’s strong word are portray, claim, diminish, disavow, define, describe, buttress, categorize, obviate, abolish

Janet shifted in the hard chair.  She listened, politely, as the Prosecutor portrayed her as the Wicked Witch of the West.  He claimed she had deliberately ran out of candy before midnight.  With slow, careful movements, she peeked to see if the argument diminished her chances of leniency in the eyes of the Judge.

The Magical Law Enforcement Squad knocking ton her door, sometime after mid-night, shocked Janet in full wakefulness.  They were carefully arrayed so that no more than two were in the line of fire Janet politely disavowed any intent to cheat the children of their sweets, after she heard the earnest young witch defined Janet’s offense.

Janet agreed that she had, indeed, stopped giving out candy before the Witching hour.  Unlike those choosing to live in gated communities, Janet lived quietly, in a Muggle neighborhood, drawing no attention to her special gifts.  When the red-headed Witch looked confused, Janet described her neighbors who believed only in silly superstitions.  She buttressed her arguments by pointing to the horse shoe over Walter’s door, and garlic garlands on Miss Stinson’s windows.

The young Witch waved her hand with a dismissive gesture, and flourished a Warrant.  The glowing words categorized twenty-six offenses.  The legalese commanded Janet to appear promptly at noon, before Sorceress Amanda Tree-Moss, the hanging judge.

Just as the clock tower began chiming the hour, Janet slipped into the library, obviating the need for the crack squad to pluck her from her home.  With a nod to the Muggle librarian, she made her way to children’s section,.  After a quick glance around, she slipped through the portal between Falcons and Ferrets.

The last chime echoed across the Green.  The officious elderly clerk promptly read the charges.  Janet hung her head and pled guilty, with extenuating circumstances.  The Prosecutor, protested, claiming her maneuver was a clever subterfuge to avoid punishment.  Struggling for a precedent, Judge Tree-Moss eventually allowed the prosecutor to explain the charges.  After listening gravely, the middle-aged Sorceress asked for Janet’s explanation.

Janet stood behind the table, hiding her quaking knees.  She held up her wand.  Everyone gasped.  The wand sported pink duct tape, holding the tip to the stem.  Janet had tripped in the pumpkin patch just before sundown.  Later, when her candy was gone, she used the Instanteous Refilleous spell.  In a flash, her kitchen filled with heaping mounds of Lego’s.  Article 3 specifically forbade toys for Muggle children on Halloween.  Christmas and Birthdays were the province of gift giving.  With nothing else to do, Janet closed her door and turned off her lights.

Judge Tree-Moss regarded Janet for some time, digesting the explanation.  She finally nodded, and sent off an Insta-Spell to the Ministry, advising them to abolish the stricture on Halloween toys.  In a severe voice she announced the law was still the law.  She then fined Janet all the Lego’s in her kitchen.  She happily complied, having no use for infuriating little blocks.


Read about Janet’s problem with the Ministry.

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