Eternity With A Kitty Carrier – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Eternity With A Kitty Carrier

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it:  Today’s strong word are discuss, underpin, demean, resonate, incorporate, reflect, consider, weaken, isolate, and control.

Today, we continue with Amy.

Read about Amy learning a lesson.

Amy leaned forward, seat belt cutting into her, eyes glued to Tabitha, unable to look away.  Hair curling, heart stopping howls demanded that everyone look at those yellow eyes glaring through wire mesh.  Up front, her parents calmly discussed route to their Vet.

Her father valiantly underpinned his argument, pointing out that highways were always faster than streets, except when blocked by jack-knifed semis.  Tabitha demeaned his earlier promise of prompt arrivals and examinations.  Instead, Amy’s heart resonated with Tabitha’s feat of incorporating howls, alternating with desperate purrs.  Amy still blessed with a child’s acceptance of inexplicable deeds, trusted her parents and their promises.

Her father turned to her, light reflecting off his sun-glasses.  He smiled, desperately pretending serenity.  “Sweetie, everything will be fine.  Consider how much better Tabitha will feel after the Doctor looks at her.”  His nods encouraging her to believe.  Tabitha’s next howl weakened even his resolve and tattered his self-assurance.

“Please, Daddy.  Please.  Can I just hold her, just for a minute?”  Amy tears rolled, once again, down her cheeks.  Tabitha silently willed someone to let her out

Her mother turn in her seat, almost falling into the back.  She wiped Amy’s tears away.  “Baby, you know what the Doctor said.  Isolate her until we get there.  Keep her from hurting herself.”  Amy reached for her mother, desperate for the hug she could not, quite reach.  She took solace in the hand squeeze.

Amy looked, once again at Tabitha.  She felt that strong will, gentle tugs, as her cat reached out to control her mind.  Deep inside, Amy felt her pain anger, and shame.  Tabatha carefully balanced on three legs, front paw held high.  Amy hoped, ever so much, that hateful mouse trap had not broken her velvet paw.

“I love you, Tabatha.  We will be there in a minute.”  The car stopped, finally.  Her parents hastily opened the car doors, eager to take Tabatha quickly in, having phoned ahead for help.


Read about Amy escaping a fate worse than death.

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