Myopic Maneuvers and Misguided Minions – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Myopic Maneuvers and Misguided Minions

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it:  Today’s strong word are  generate, construct, inquire, regard, challenge, note, implicate, support, intervene, avert.

Read about Janet’s unexpected Halloween.

The Wizard from the Bureau of Magical Construction glared.  Had Janet not generated such a fuss, she would still be in the ante-room.  Because of the woggly wallow dust, the officious little man’s minions had been helpless to thwart her.

“Please, sir.”  She pushed her raven hair back.  He noticed.  “Why must you construct a new chimney flue network?  Surely, the old one is adequate.” Why he was so reluctant to allow her to inquire of the reason?

“My dear young lady, have you no regard for rules.  Working groups examined every possible reason not to do it.  The sub-committee agreed with the findings.  The committee heard no challenge.”  He paused, again, to push up his glasses.

She slipped in as he drew a breath.  “I understand, sir.  However, note that the Bureau notified not one member of the High Low Branch Housing Association.”  Her fingers lightly stroked her wand.  It vibrated reassuringly to her.

The little grey wizard followed her movements.  He harrumphed.  “My dear young lady.”  He gazed into her eyes.  “I will not let you implicate the committee.  The change had three readings.  There was no dissent.  None.”  He nodded vigorously.  His hat slide to one side.  Bare scalp gleamed in the torch-light.

“But, sir.”  She raised a single finger.  Her movement drew his eyes.  “Who supported the change?”

He blinked, and looked at her.  “Support?  What do you mean?”  He scowled again, as his eyes took her in.  “Not one witch or wizard opposed the change.  How can you fail to grasp this?”

Janet took a deep breath.  He breathed with her.  “But, sir.  Was anyone actually at the readings?”  He blanched.  “For those who like the network, how are we to intervene if we are not allowed to know of the meetings?”

This little wizard eyes triumphantly drilled into her own.  She fought the urge to avert hers.  “Yes!  My point exactly!  The meeting was secret.  Was it not?  How can we have a secret meeting if ordinary witches and wizards insist on taking part?”

Janet sighed.  He sighed with her.  “I am afraid I still do not understand.”

He smiled, triumphant.  “It is all quite clear, my dear.  When you are older, you will understand.”

Janet arose.  He came to his feet also.  She gave him a little curtsey.  In the act of turning away, she paused.  “I suppose, then, the Daily Prophet knows all about the change?”

The wizard, even shorter than she was, turned green.  “Well.  That is not important, is it?”  He dismissed her question with an airy gesture.

“Yes.  I understand, sir.  Thank you ever so much for your time.”  She smiled.  As gracefully as she could manage, she slipped through the door, and avoided his minions, still twitching helplessly at their desks.


Read about Janet moving to her new home (not a strong verbs story).



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