Sand, Serenity and Sadness (The Daily Prompt – Five Items)


Sand, Serenity and Sadness

Thanksgiving smells, laughter and hugs left my heart swirling.  Weakly, I gave in to the smiles, seduction, and surrender of the season.  Gone were my thoughts on finishing Whispers.  Now, in the gray, watery light of morning, I long for that fire to discover the fate of my heroine.  While I impatiently wait, I dally in diversions like The Daily Prompt – Five Items and other delightful distractions.

Indifferent, I gazed at the rocky crag towering above the lush greenery.  The dazzling white sand cushioned my bare feet.  Never once looking back, I permitted the white sails to dissolve into the misty haze, gone forever.  Denied him, I rejoiced in exile.

A ship might come, in a day, or a week, or a life time.  Food was plentiful.  Beautiful waterfalls, cascading into quiet pools, promised endless bathing and drinking.  Mild temperatures meant I could slip from my shimmering silks, saving them for a time when maidenly modesty met roguish rescuers.

Holding up Jude Deveraux’s Knight In Shining Armor, I knew the binding would fail, pages would fade, words dim.  Would I sigh as Douglass did, overwhelmed with trembling knees?  Would I know Nicholas’ every phrase, gesture and caress?

The paper and pencils would surely last a lifetime.  This simple world was but a pale ghost of the endless splashes of color, love and happy-ever-after endings my heart and soul yearned to create.  Would it matter that none would read it?  Would some future woman, washed up on this very beach and finding my heart and soul, accept and hug my forgotten memory?

Lastly, gazing into my mirror, I studied that face and those eyes.  I would miss makeup, but, denied the spell of Yas Clo De, my beauty would fade.  Still, I had my razor.  Only the hair of my head would adorn me.  One day, my raven hair would streak with grey, my eyes would peek out from crow’s-feet.  Would I awake, wanting my curves, my taut, fit body to last forever?  In resolution, would I throw myself from the highest cliffs plunging into eternal memory?

Or, would he return?

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