What To Do When You Know You Cannot



Setting here, with my lap top, I ponder the delete command.  I joined WordPress and intended to write higher class material than I wrote on another website.  Looking at other blogs, I knew I needed material.  So, torn between writing enough stories to show I had a pulse, and writing a longer work, I wrote for Daily Prompts, while working on extended stories.

Wanting to quickly post stories, knowing WordPress would beat a path to my door, I picked a short story I had never put an ending too.  I intended to add a little dialog and post it.  The story was simple enough.  An unmarried couple go on a camping trip, runs into fidelity issues, and somehow it all ends.

Reading a number of blogs, I discovered the concept of the “W”.  Meanwhile, my short story grew and grew.  I discovered the story was about the woman coming to terms with her insecurity, and whether her guy was worth loving.  Some of the minor characters became very real to me, and I wanted them to live.  I even came up with an ending I liked.  At the moment it is over 50,000 words.  I had a thought of posting it in the next few days.

For Christmas, I asked for a number of books, including Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat, Larry Brooks Story Engineering, and K.M. Weiland’s Outlining Your Novel.  I just finished Save The Cat.  His words shattered me.  Why did I ever read it?

Maybe I should drink more wine.  I have no heart to finish the rewrite, at the moment.  Perhaps, tomorrow, I will know what to do.

7 thoughts on “What To Do When You Know You Cannot

  1. Dearest Silent,
    I’m Excited and Eager to read your 50,000 word story. Personally I don’t count my words. Well since I have a Mac and, I use Pages there is no tool for word count.
    Please don’t be Sooo Hard on Yourself. Sometimes you need to take a break, then when you come back new thoughts come to mind. I have been “freaking out” on finishing my last installment. I have come to accepted that when it’s ready, I will publish it.
    Looking Forward to your posting.
    Your Friend,
    Anastasia 😊

    • Anastasia – Thank you so much. Last night I was going to delete it. I cried. I’ve been thinking about it a lot and think I will finish it. I changed the title. I don’t know if I clean the house or move out, lol.

      When you read it you will see all the holes and everything I did wrong. (I only know it has that many words because Word Press counts them)..

      Thank you – Silent

      • Dearest Silent,
        I hear a Great Deal of Anxiety. Relax My Friend.
        Please Stop Beating Yourself Up.
        Writing, I believe should be pleasureful.There are some folks that have a natural ability for writing, it comes and flows easily for them. I personally never enjoyed english. I never wrote in a diary or journal. I personally have been freaking out, because I want to finish and post my last installment. I decided that when its ready to for publishing I will post it. It takes time to perfect your craft. Please Don’t Delete your writings. Perhaps take a couple of days off from writing and WordPress. Clear your mind and thoughts. When you create a post, what do I to see my word count? Please know that I Support You, and am Here For You.
        Your Friend Always,
        Anastasia 😊

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