Silent’s January Jottings





This was my most wonderful month, ever.

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Caressed By Memories – Friday Fictioneers – 31 January 2014


Caressed By Memories

Please accept this submission to Friday Fictioneers.


A breeze caresses your cheek.  You imagine his touch.  Alone, walking up the path, you expect, somehow, to see him.  The men bid their final greeting.  The machines are still.  He walks among them no more.

Long ago, yet only yesterday, he swung you around, before setting you on his shoulders.  Humming blades and clacking belts hurt your ears.  You tugged Grandfather’s hair.  He tickled you.  The men smiled.

Wiping away a tear, you extinguish the lights.  This is how he would have you remember him.  You walk back to the car.  Grand Mother waits, still patient.

Reservations, Regrets and Reflections


Reservations, Regrets and Reflections

reflectionTwenty-one days.  Less than one cycle of the moon.  A new year hardly begun.

I saved Forbidden Footsteps for the last time.  I had written a complete long story, finally.  I shed a tear of happiness for Jamie.

Still, I struggled to finish the last of the 53,000 words.  I overcame reluctance to write about a physical attack on my protagonist.  And I wished I better understood her.  I still had no idea what she saw in her love interest.  Her affection and hero-worship for a minor character astonished me. Continue reading

Grammar School Spelling Coaches – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Grammar School Spelling Coaches

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it:  Today’s strong word are – affirm, propose, promote, rebut, mitigate, abrogate, educate, propagate, deepen and dominate.

Read about Amy’s trip to the Vet.

Amy studied the table, determined not to squirm.  She did not understand everything the three adults said.  No one affirmed her fear that she had been a bad girl.  They talked as if she were invisible.  Amy silently proposed that, when she had her own little girl, she would include her in every decision. Continue reading

Immortalizing Fragile Emissaries (Daily Prompt: Simply The Best)


Immortalizing Fragile Emissaries

waking up1Tummy fluttering, Rachael slithered through the sheets.  Reluctantly, she drew back from his warmth, letting the covers slide off her bare shoulders.  He stirred, threatening to thwart her escape.  Resolutely, she pushed seductive delights from her mind.  Instead, she slipped to the edge, out of the cover, and cringed as the cold air washed over her unprotected form.  She found her granny gown and crept through the grey, watery dawn.  She slipped into the hall

(Written in response to a Daily Prompt:  Simply The Best.)

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Red Nails and Ducal Seals – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Red Nails and Ducal Seals

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it.  Today’s strong word are resemble, offer, sustain, vitiate, complicate, reveal, believe, emerge, influence, and symbolize.

Read about Tammy’s day in the Chateau.

Hating herself for being a clock watcher, Tammy looked again at the giant hands on the Chateau Tower.  Hoping to resemble the tour guide the Count hired her for, she submerged her boredom, and offered well-practiced commentary at the proper points.  Raymond handed her a note.  The Count’s Seal shattered her serenity.

Tammy suddenly sat down in the nearest chair, suspecting her legs would not sustain her.  Her trembling hands vitiated her first try at breaking the seal.  Her mind raced, cataloging her possible transgressions.  Each instance, in isolation, seemed small enough.  What complicated her imagined defense was the little dog and the carpet in the Main Hall.

Biting her lip, she scanned the note.  The note revealed little.  The precise hand writing required that she present herself at the Library immediately after closing time.

Giving in to panic, Tammy imagined her immediate dismissal.  With unemployment so very high, she would be unlikely to find another position.  No matter what she said, people would believe the Count’s version of her dismissal.  Her eyes filled with tears, unable to see how any other outcome could emerge.

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Ohhhhhhh, Yesssssssssssssss


Ohhhhhhhh, Yesssssssssssssss

woo hoo1A few minutes ago, I wrote these words.

“Andy gave all of them one of those did-I-miss-something looks.  The RV door opened.  Ruth smiled to Jamie.

Jamie blushed and looked Christopher.  Then she looked to Ruth and Andy.  She took a deep breath.


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