Ohhhhhhh, Yesssssssssssssss


Ohhhhhhhh, Yesssssssssssssss

woo hoo1A few minutes ago, I wrote these words.

“Andy gave all of them one of those did-I-miss-something looks.  The RV door opened.  Ruth smiled to Jamie.

Jamie blushed and looked Christopher.  Then she looked to Ruth and Andy.  She took a deep breath.


Then I wiped away my tears.

What does this all mean?

You guessed it.  I just finished Forbidden Footsteps, all 54,698 words.  On September 21, 2013, I saved my first complete outline.

I learned so much.  When I started, I had some vague idea of a “W”, and somehow three acts meant four parts.  Then I read about Story Engineering and Save the Cat.

I thought about stopping, but just could not bear the thought.  So, while I read the books on how to really write a story, I wondered what to do with Forbidden Footsteps.  The more I read, the more I knew my story was fatally flawed.

How was I to solve my dilemma?  My mind told me to stop, to finish the books, then go back and start with a clean white board.  My heart told me to finish it, telling me that I could work on my writing voice.  More importantly, Jamie ached to leap to life, to decide what to do with Christopher.  And, Andy and Ruth waited in the wings, patient, loving, without any judgement for me.

So, I finished writing Forbidden Footsteps.  Actually, I changed the name from Whisper In The Storm and kept going.  I stuck in a few things Synder and Brooks talked about, but I was in far too deep to “fix” it.  As I got to the end, more things occurred to me, and I want to go back and make changes.

Will I rewrite the story?  Before I answer that question, I want to put it up on a board.  My word count tells me the story is not long enough yet.  And, I know where I would add.  In fact, I want to add.  Because I know Part One starts too late.  And what I thought was Part Four is really, mostly, Part three, except for the final scene.

But, I am going to go shopping for some left over champagne.  After all, the bargain aisle at Safeway is choking with leftover stock, right?  Will HE know what we are celebrating?  Nope.  Will he have fun.  Yippers.


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