Red Nails and Ducal Seals – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Red Nails and Ducal Seals

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it.  Today’s strong word are resemble, offer, sustain, vitiate, complicate, reveal, believe, emerge, influence, and symbolize.

Read about Tammy’s day in the Chateau.

Hating herself for being a clock watcher, Tammy looked again at the giant hands on the Chateau Tower.  Hoping to resemble the tour guide the Count hired her for, she submerged her boredom, and offered well-practiced commentary at the proper points.  Raymond handed her a note.  The Count’s Seal shattered her serenity.

Tammy suddenly sat down in the nearest chair, suspecting her legs would not sustain her.  Her trembling hands vitiated her first try at breaking the seal.  Her mind raced, cataloging her possible transgressions.  Each instance, in isolation, seemed small enough.  What complicated her imagined defense was the little dog and the carpet in the Main Hall.

Biting her lip, she scanned the note.  The note revealed little.  The precise hand writing required that she present herself at the Library immediately after closing time.

Giving in to panic, Tammy imagined her immediate dismissal.  With unemployment so very high, she would be unlikely to find another position.  No matter what she said, people would believe the Count’s version of her dismissal.  Her eyes filled with tears, unable to see how any other outcome could emerge.

Regaining her composure, Tammy resumed her duties.  Her impending meeting with the Count was never far from her mind.  When her duties permitted, and that was often, she practiced ways to influence him.

Without specific knowledge of her transgression, Tammy could find no way to construct her defense.  She sighed, knowing she was completely at the mercy of his whim.  However unfair it might be, she summoned courage to face her circumstance.

The bells chimed, signaling Closing.  Tammy nodded to each visitor, wishing them well.  Even though this might be her final official act at the Chateau, she intended her possible departure from his Service to symbolize grace and gentility.

The last tourist shambled out.  She closed the main door, and the lock thunked home with finality.  Smoothing her jacket, she turned on her heel and serenely glided to the Library.


Read about Tammy’s meeting with the Count.


3 thoughts on “Red Nails and Ducal Seals – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs

  1. Wee typo – ‘with unemployment to very high’. A good, strong read, though from time to time the words may be a little too strong. ‘Vitiated’ isn’t a word I’d expect to see in this context. Not sure how a ‘departure’ can ‘symbolize grace and gentility. Still a good and interesting read. I hope I’ll get to see more.

    • Hi, you were sweet to take time to read my writing exercise. I cringed when vitiate came up on the list. And I confess I had to go look up the word, and then figure out how to use it. Thank you, Silent

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