Immortalizing Fragile Emissaries (Daily Prompt: Simply The Best)


Immortalizing Fragile Emissaries

waking up1Tummy fluttering, Rachael slithered through the sheets.  Reluctantly, she drew back from his warmth, letting the covers slide off her bare shoulders.  He stirred, threatening to thwart her escape.  Resolutely, she pushed seductive delights from her mind.  Instead, she slipped to the edge, out of the cover, and cringed as the cold air washed over her unprotected form.  She found her granny gown and crept through the grey, watery dawn.  She slipped into the hall

(Written in response to a Daily Prompt:  Simply The Best.)

Carefully closing the door, Rachael knew she must hurry.  Not waiting, she tip toed down the hall even as she wiggled into the flannel.  Urgent, she turned up the heat and wrapped an Afghan around her.  Hastily, she opened her lap top and brought up the spread sheet.

She closed her eyes, and calmed her mind.  She quieted her thoughts, drifting to that special time between sleeping and waking.  She sought that fragile place where exotic ideas fluttered about.  The translucent creatures lived for but a brief time.  She softly summoned them.

One by one, each diaphanous creature fluttered to her.  Mutely surrendering their essence, they would flare and return to the void.  Softly, she murmured a prayer of thanksgiving for each special messenger.  Jamie’s fingers flew across the keyboard, immortalizing their passing.

Move the accident from Part Three and turn it into the Hook.  Jamie was a teacher at a Catholic Day Care, intending to escape prying eyes by going on a weekend camping trip with Brandon.  Frank was not related to Jake or Andy.  Janna was Ruth’s daughter.

Far away, the alarm went off.  Rachael reluctantly opened her eyes.   She wiped back a tear, mourning the little martyrs.  Thumping feet jarred her back to Monday.  With a sigh, she closed the laptop and slipped it away.  He would need his coffee.

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