Silent’s February Features


Silent’s February Features



My soaring expectations smacked into the real world, and I hit the ground with a thud.

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An Unexpected Gift – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


An Unexpected Gift

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it.  Today’s strong word are demolish, neglect, signify, apply, compare, garner, reconfigure, burden, personify, and examine.

Read about Tammy summoned to an audience with the Count.

Tammy stepped into the Library, knowing the Count’s insistence on punctuality.  She was in no position to anger him .  She decided she would endure much to keep her job, but would not let him to demolish her dignity.  Seeing him seated at a desk, she curtsied, observing the ritual of an inferior to a superior, hoping she neglected nothing.

He looked up, and nodded, to signify his awareness of her.  He waved to a simple wooden chair, placed precisely in front of the desk.  “Tammy, let me assure I meant to apply no pressure, to cause you no worry.  I wished to compare my impression of you with the opinions of…others.  I invited you here to, shall we say, garner more information about you.  You…interest me.”

Tammy felt her eyes widen, suddenly unable to control her expressions.  She sought to reconfigure her look, to mask the fear welling up.  She sought calmness, to project serenity.  “I have no wish to burden your Grace with unnecessary concerns.  I…I try to do my duties to bring honor to you, and to the Chateau.”

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I Did It


Well, I Did It

23I did another first in my life.  I actually finished a novel.  Well, it was really just a first draft.  It took me 101 days, and is nearly 170,000 words.  If you want to read about it, you can read about, if you wish.

Following the advice of people I trust, I put it away.  I will take it out, probably after the first of the year, and see what I think of it.

In the mean time, I will go off and do fun stuff for a while.  For one, I’m picking back up with studying James Scott Bell’s book, Plot and Structure.

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My Very Best Pick Up Lines


My Very Best Pick Up Lines

Life or death.  Fame or failure.  To read more or move on.  If a story does not have a compelling opening, or pick up line, it will languish, forever, unlamented.  And the author will ponder dark thoughts, listening to the voices.

I have concentrated on my own openings.  I still cringe at doing them.  I feel like I am…somehow…cheating.  It is like I am standing up on a table and…well…attracting attention with a hey-look-at-me move.

I would love to know what you think of them, and whether they move you, in any way, to read any of them.


What do you think?

Please leave a comment.  If you want to tell me more privately, please feel free to send an email.

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A Little Light Music – Friday Fictioneers


A Little Light Music

Read about Janet dueling with the Ministry of Magic (a strong verbs story)

(Submitted to Friday Fictioneers)

lampsPulsating, vibrant strobes.  Whimsical piano music.

Janet, duster in hand, paused.  Midnight blinked from a box.  A Styrofoam peanut clung to his fur.

She rose fluidly to her feet.  Guided by light and The Moonlight Sonata, she weaved through boxes and misplaced furniture.  Her quest ended on the porch.

On the lawn, paint stirrer raised, Gregor waved his arms.  Dazzled by light, Janet turned.  Their lamps stood, arrayed on the porch.  They flashed, emitting piano music.

Janet flashed her wand, bringing the concert to an end.  “So much for your…unfinished symphony, we need to unpack.  Your mother is coming.”


Read about Janet’s afternoon with Aunt Hilda (a strong verbs story).

Pick Up Lines


Pick Up Lines

So, have some extra money to spend that your S.O. doesn’t know about?

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We Are Talking About Camp Sites, Aren’t We?


We Are Talking About Camp Sites, Aren’t We?

Screen Test:  Jamie and Christopher – Revised

Your comments are most welcome.

18aJamie giggled so hard she nearly peed her panties.  She looked out the window.  “Okay, your—”

“Oh. My. God.  A traffic jam.  In the middle of Wyoming?  Can you believe this?  A traffic jam?”

“Will you look at that line of cars?  This is a disaster.”  She thought, We have to get that story.  Raping the National Forests.  I have to show, not say.  That means hard evidence.  If I don’t have it by Monday, I better look for another job. 

“Five RVs and three cars.  There won’t be any damned camp sites left why the time we get up there.”  No camping.   No Wilderness shots.  Nothing to splice together tomorrow night.  No time for voice-overs.

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