Pick Up Lines


Pick Up Lines

So, have some extra money to spend that your S.O. doesn’t know about?

Would you…well…like to spend it on a book?  I’ll make it easy for you.  I will give you the title and the first sentence.  Just let me know if you would…you know…like to see more?

Book 1

“By morning, the hurricane had passed.  But not before destroying every home, every building, every life on the island.”

Red Rain by R. L. Stine

Book 2

“Where should I start?”

A Case of Redemption by Adam Mizner

Book 3

“Two two-gallon cans of paint weight about five times as much as he’d thought they would.”

The Fear Artist by Timothy Hallinan

Book 4

A man wearing the white robes of a Bedouin, Bulus ibn al-Darwish by name, nown also by his Al Qaeda nom de guerre as al-Humair —the Panther —stood to the side of the Belgian tour group.”

The Panther by Nelson Demille

Book 5

“The woman in the river, singing.”

Arcadia by Lawrence Groff

Book 6

“My fifteen minutes had come and gone.  Unfortunately, I had a few more decades to live out.”

Gun Church by Reed Farrel Coleman

Book 7

“Close your eyes and think of chocolate.”

The Husband List by Janet Evonvich and Dorian Kelly

Okay, true confession time.  Two of them, actually.  First, this post was inspired by something Therin Knite wrote, where he was talking about opening lines.  He had some pretty good points.  And it made me think about my study of openings, to try to improve my own writing.  And, I promised I would post it.

The second true confession is more of disappointment with WordPress, in particular, where they talk about Block Quotes. The article taught me a feature I did not know existed.  Excited, I tried it, only to find that the Block Quote looked very vanilla compared to the one in the article.  In the comments, I discovered I could get their results only if I upgraded.

I wondered if I could come up with something similar.  Maybe I did, but it was a lot of work.

If one of those openings make you want to go straight onto Amazon and download, I would love to hear from you.  One of them seemed like it was written right at me.

No—I’m not one of the authors.

And, no—I have nothing to gain, or lose.





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