A Little Light Music – Friday Fictioneers


A Little Light Music

Read about Janet dueling with the Ministry of Magic (a strong verbs story)

(Submitted to Friday Fictioneers)

lampsPulsating, vibrant strobes.  Whimsical piano music.

Janet, duster in hand, paused.  Midnight blinked from a box.  A Styrofoam peanut clung to his fur.

She rose fluidly to her feet.  Guided by light and The Moonlight Sonata, she weaved through boxes and misplaced furniture.  Her quest ended on the porch.

On the lawn, paint stirrer raised, Gregor waved his arms.  Dazzled by light, Janet turned.  Their lamps stood, arrayed on the porch.  They flashed, emitting piano music.

Janet flashed her wand, bringing the concert to an end.  “So much for your…unfinished symphony, we need to unpack.  Your mother is coming.”


Read about Janet’s afternoon with Aunt Hilda (a strong verbs story).


9 thoughts on “A Little Light Music – Friday Fictioneers

    • Hi Janet, I had no clue what I was going to write when I went to bed last night. I woke up and…knew. I love my subconscious, but it scares me to death sometimes. Thank you, Silent

    • Hi Linda; I was trying to think of classical music with “light” in the title. The only other one I could think of was the Light Cavalry Overture, which I thought Gregor might like, but…not me. Thank you, Silent

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