Slip In Time – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Slip In Time

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs.  Today’s Strong Words: negate, launch, minimize, obscure, expand, exemplify, exist, supply, process, and impair..

Read about Janet moving to her new home.

“–listening?”  asked Aunt Hilda.  A gloved patted Janet’s hand.

Janet blinked.  She tried to hard to find the thread, again.  Her slip threatened to negate an entire afternoon’s patience.  I wish I knew the temporus repeatus spell.  But, potions were her gift, not spells.

“Of course, Auntie.  It was just that…something you said launched me into a flight of fancy.”

She prayed that was enough to minimize her lapse.  Mr. Lingantus was so good at using that remark to obscure his daydreaming.   Still, Janet knew she was not as slippery as her boss, Guilt nibbled at her.

“Of course, dearie, of course.”  The peach colored glove returned to the ample lap.

“As I was saying, I just don’t see why the Ministry insists on expanding their role in this matter.  After all, who voted to allow them to do it?”  She scowled.  ” Many think they overstep their bounds.  They exemplify uncontrolled bureaucracy running amok.  Don’t you agree my dear?”

Janet smiled.  “You’re right, of course, Auntie.”  How did we get from lilacs to the Ministry?  The spying has upset everyone.  “You see things so clearly.”

“Quite so, quite so.  After all, as your late Uncle Franklin says, we were just speaking the other night, they exist to serve those who practice Magic.”  If it were possible for someone to lean forward and hold their nose high in the air at the same time, Auntie was just the witch for it.  “After all, what could they possibly supply the…the Ordinaries?”

“Yes Auntie.  The Ordinaries.”  Janet nodded.  What’s wrong?  I can process Auntie’s words, but the sentences make no…well…sense.  She felt so confused, knowing that, somehow, her thoughts were impaired.  “Would you like tea, then?”

“You are such a prize, Janet.  Just the thing, just the thing.”  The Family Matriarch leaned forward and patted Janet on the head.  “I’m having such a hard time thinking, today.”

Janet smiled to the waiter.  She leaned back in her chair, hoping she betrayed none of her relief.  The afternoon has been so lovely.  And she so enjoyed the Gardens.

Needing more time, she had suggested they stop in the Alley for tea.  Her excuse was to give Auntie a chance to sit, and gather her strength.   I simply must pay attention.  I can’t have her charging off to the apartment.  Mother needs another hour.  A long, long hour.  Only then could she take Aunt Hilda to her surprise birthday party.

Read about the Ministry going to see Janet, again (a strong verbs story).


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