Waiting For Jigsaw


Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers for 9 May 2014.  Had to look close for my clue.


Waiting For Jigsaw


shopping cartHunger followed me, aching, emptiness. People walked past, never seeing. Until Crossword. Soft words soothed me. His sandwich filled me.

He finished his crossword puzzle. A man with nothing but time, he inspected his cart. Ripped duffel bags and straining plastic bags jostled with a stained sleeping bag and a decades old boom box.

He smiled, and whistled. I trotted along. Someone loved me again.

Men shouted, then took his crossword. Kicked, I hid. Crossword didn’t get up. Tired, white coated men came. They took Crossword away.

I lay beside the cart. I will wait until Crossword comes back.




26 thoughts on “Waiting For Jigsaw

  1. Dear Silent,

    The image of the dog waiting by the cart for Crossword to come back makes me ache. Simple thought processes for a so-called simple animal. Well done.



    • Hi Rochelle, my computer crashed so I don’t know if my post went through, so I will try again. When I saw the shopping cart, I knew the story would be about a homeless person. When I woke up this morning, I had the story. Thank you so much for hosting Friday Fictioneers. Silent

  2. Loyalty w/out limits in a pet. Touching, sad story of two lonely hearts finding one another to be torn apart by reason. (unless of course Crossword really IS a psycho, in which case there’s an entirley new story line! 😉 ) Inviting you to pop over & visit my #FridayFictioneer post. Feedback Welcome!

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