Double Meanings – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Double Meanings

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it:  Today’s strong word are explode, outline, present, explore, expound, impose, exhibit, instigate, represent, and refine.

Read about Tammy’s meeting with the Count.

Tammy stumbled on the front steps, just catching herself on the railing. She was panting, and her heart was pounding so hard she thought it might explode at any moment.

Clutching the rail, she outlined the just concluded meeting with the Count. When he presented her with the gift, it was the last thing she expected. She pushed her hair back and let her mind wander, to explore her thoughts.

The Count had not expounded on the reason for the gift. By giving it, did he seek to impose his will on her, by establishing some obligation on her part? Did he intend that she exhibit gratitude, as one person to another, or, perhaps, as an employee to an employer?

She searched her mind, trying to understand his motives, to discern what she might have done to drawn his attention? All she tried to do, was her job, in the best way she could. Never, in all her time at the Chateau had she meant to instigate a relationship with him.

She looked at the money, again. In his eyes, it might represent nothing. On the other hand, it might signify much. She knew that, before she saw him next, she needed to refine her thoughts, to understand her hopes and fears.

Too many times, her expectations had vanished like a mirage. So, too, at other times, events left her wordless when she could have gained much, all because she had not readied herself for other eventualities.

Releasing her death grip on the rail, she tugged down her jacket, and smoothed her skirt. With a quick peek behind her, she turned and walked down the street as quickly as the three-inch heels would let her.

Read About Tammy’s Next Day At Work.

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