Silent’s May Mumblings


Silent’s May Musings

reportNagging Colds.

Unexpected focus on a single work.

I entered the month determined to post the final version of Scepter’s Sacrifice, a story I had developed during a WordPress Weekly Challenge, which, as usual, had disappeared without a trace.  I posted a version of it on Scribophile, after having labored over it.

Some time before submitting Scepter’s Sacrifice, I had submitted a 100 word micro fiction piece, Delivered Up, which was well received.  I wrote Scepter’s Sacrifice as an experiment.  I built the 1,000 word piece, using Blake Snyder’s Plot Beats.  I expected more positive critiques.  Instead, I discovered that the approach for writing a 10o word story, where I paid no attention to character development, was unfit for a 1,000 word story.  I eventually wrote two versions, but neither satisfied me.

My dissatisfaction with the final story led me to attack both lead characters, Deheya, my Main Character, and Ad Gar, her villain / love interest.  In the course of learning about them, I wanted to know more about them, their world, and how they turned out.  So, instead of turning to another project, I explored developing Scepter’s Sacrifice as a full-blown novel.  I created a new Page to collect my thoughts on Scepter’s Sacrifice.

What did I fill my empty little head with?

I added more books, but have not yet opened them.  Instead, I went back to Plot and Structure written by James Scott Card, and have posted my responses to the writing exercises in Chapters One, Two, Three and Four.  I also created a possible prequel to a scene one and scene one itself,  for Scepter’s Sacrifice, which I only just posted.  As soon as I identify a middle scene, and write it, I will continue with the remaining chapters.

What did I work on?

I posted my final version of Scepter’s Sacrifice as a 1,000 word flash fiction.  While the final version was very thin on setting and description, I captured character arc’s for Deheya and Ad Gar.  In addition, I discovered the true starting point for the story.  I discovered my original story started too late, and wanted to start earlier, both of which were reflected in the final version of the short story.

I also took my hand at writing another micro fiction for Friday Fictioneers, Waiting for JigsawIt was a darker story than I usually write.  One day, I will post it to Scribophile, and find out how well I did.

For fun, I also pulled up one of my old writing exercises, Bench Pressing Strong Verbs.  I wrote a new piece, Double Meanings.


I have even further to go as a serious writer than I imagined.

I know I can turn a phrase, but my understanding of plot arcs and character arcs is limited.  I am testing a tool new to me, called Incident Design..

I write, not for fame and glory, but because I must.



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