WIP – How Do I Write Scenes


How Does Your WIP Grow?

How I Write Scenes

01 consideringCharacters who won’t obey?

Dialog that won’t get to the point?

Scenes taking too long for something to happen?


That was me.

I’m sixteen scenes into my WIP.  I finally found a way to write them.


Is it hard?  Not once I get started.

Do I have to do some planning?  Yippers.


So, how do I do it?


First of all, I outline my stories.  Does that make me a plotter vs a panster?  More or less.  (In case you didn’t know those are terms thrown around by the community, and are not complimentary.  A plotter is someone who outlines before they write.  A panster writes without an outline.)

Both approaches are interesting.  When I write Micro Fiction (stories in one hundred words), I pants.  When I write longer stories, I become a plotter.  Otherwise, I have no idea where the story will go.

I used Incident Designs to create my outlines.  Click here to read about Incident Designs. Continue reading