Fruits Of The Fathers


Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.  I’ve been away, working on my WIP.  It’s safely in a drawer now, and I will see what I think about it after the first of the year.  In the mean time, I can get back to fun stuff again.

Fruits Of The Fathers

gifts of the fathersRachael protested.  She needed a piano for composing. Rob decided on a keyboard.  She wanted paper, not megabytes.  Laptops were better than paper.

Now, she stood in some hallway.  Rob and Ted talked about fantasy football.  They invited her to go look.

She found no switch.  Instead, sunlight created dazzling islands of light and oceans of blackness.  Dust ruled.  Someone had arranged keyboards on racks.  Stacks of vinyl records sat on the floor.

She left dusty footprints.  Everything was older, but unused.  Someone had opened a small box.  She found a program.

“In Loving Memory of Theodore Hamlish, Musician.”


7 thoughts on “Fruits Of The Fathers

    • Hi Nan. If I rewrite this, I might see if I could make it more clear. Maybe, if instead Ted and Rob talking about fantasy football, maybe they talk about Ted’s dad’s death or something. But…I don’t have many extra words.
      Thank you for your words.

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