Silent’s October’s Oh My


Silent’s October’s Oh My.

reportMidnight oil.

Deep contemplation.

Agony of the soul.

In other words, I completed my first draft of Scepter’s Sacrifice.

It consumed me, nibble by nibble.  I started out living my life pretty much as I always did.  Gradually, I stopped writing about much else.  As time went on, I thought more and more about my story and my characters.  By the end, I took two sick days off to finish my story.

I had such an incredible journey.  I kept learning new things every time I turned around.  I learned how to write a Logline, a twenty-seven word description of my story.  I came to terms with my Main Character, her overpowering need, everything that stood between her and her goal, and all that she risked.

I learned how different stories and plots are.  Stories are everything that could have happened to every character.  Plots are those struggles a writer decides to inflict on her characters.

I wrote, off and on, for 101 days before I finished.  As I wrote, I experimented with writing scenes.  My writing voice wandered.

What Do I Think?

I honestly do not know.  After all, I only finished it four days ago.  I hate my ending.  My villains did not fall in the right order (the biggest villain should die last, not third from last).  And I wasn’t clear enough in my character arcs, aside from the fact that I have too many POVs.

I’m told that, I’m giving myself an incredible gift, if I stay away.  When I finally do read it, I will see it as a reader sees it, not as the writer.  For one, very brief period, I will know what I must do to fix it.  And I will never have that vantage point again.

Where Do I Go From Here?

I will work on other things.  Some, I have already started.  I wrote a nano-fiction for Rochelle, Fruits of the Father’s.  I enjoy writing 100 word stories, in part, because they are so very different from a novel.  My story wasn’t very good, so I know I need to get my touch back.

I might finish exercises I started in James Scott Bell’s Plot and Structure, where I left off after Chapter Four, in part, because I had no middle scenes to fiddle with.  I will have 83 from which to choose.  If I learn things, I hope to finish everything his book has to offer.

But most of all, I need to study scenes.  Even though I wrote eighty-three, I don’t know what I’m doing.  If I can figure it out before I return to Scepter’s Sacrifice, I can save myself time and embarrassment.

I’m happy to be back, but don’t expect to stay long.

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