That Special Time of Year – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


That Special Time of Year

Bench Pressing Strong Verbs

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it:  Today’s strong word are refute, advance, comprise, recreate, abrogate, intervene, compute, react, delineate, differentiate.

Read about Janet’s adventure with Aunt Hilda.

Janet, arms folded, tried not to fidget.  After all, the Ministry’s order to cease all things magical was old, and, surely they had forgotten.  When officious little Ministry bureaucrats came today, all she need do was refute  those accusations that she had…forgotten.

Her spidery senses, oh and her watch spiders, told her someone advanced up her walk.  She realized more than one person approached, a group to question her.  She wondered who comprised her would-be interrogators.

Looking in her hall mirror, she straightened her hair, checked her lips, and assumed her most tranquil visage.  Before they could ring her bell, she stepped out.  “Greetings,” she said.  No less than five people stood on her step.  Two witches, two warlocks, and a goblin.  “You honor me.  How may I help you?”

“Hrumph,” an elderly witch said.  “We…well—”  She turned to one of her companions and whispered something.  She nodded and turned back to Tammy.  “Yes…Ms Lark, we are trying to revisit something you seem to have been involved in since that Halloween’s incident.  We want to recreate that most dreadful incident.”  Her voice grated like finger nails on chalk boards.

She fumbled with her scroll, spoke with her colleagues and turned to Tammy again.  She looked over her glasses, red eyes burning.  “We understand that you…shall we say…abrogated certain terms and conditions of our order.”

“And your outrage forced Ministry officials to intervene to clean up another of your outrages,” another witch said.   “We computed all costs for cleaning that mess up.  And it was considerable, mind you.  While we couldn’t prove you meant every traffic light to turn green when you approached, we can infer your meddling.  After all, no one can go from this house to the farmers and elves market without stopping at traffic lights.”

“I…was lucky,” Janet said.  She folded her arms and looked down her nose at them.  If they thought they could get her to react with guilt, she had no intention of giving them satisfaction this, or any other day.  “We are all well versed in Magical Laws and Happenings.  And, in chapter three, does it not delineate between luck and magic.  After all, from Granger’s Theorem, we can easily differentiate between the two.  As I’m certain you are all so well aware.”  She smiled her sweetest smile.

She studied her fingernails.  She should go to Denise again.  And, without seeming to listen, she did.

“—said she would confess to—”

“—you this was wasting our time—”

“—to our next case–”

“Well,” her first accuser said.  “I…guess.  But let us warn you.  No more magic Ms Lark.  We have our eye on you.”

“I should hope so,” Janet said.  She spun completely around on her stiletto heels, then came to an abrupt stop.  Snapping her head so her hair flew, she looked at them.  “Do you like what you see?”  She giggled and skipped inside.

Read about Janet’s unexpected trip to teh Quidditch match.



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