Fairies Don’t Sweat, They Glow


Fairies Don’t Sweat, They Glow

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.  It took me a while to find this one, and I am surprised at where it took me.

fairiesLeekah pushed. Stinging sweat dripped into her eyes.  If she closed them, she would fall asleep.  Time would start.

Other fairies had fun, like changing teeth to coins.  Instead Weenok sent her night after night to the old woman, forbidden to turn rocks to gold.

Every stone weighed more than her.  She couldn’t even fly them into place.  Once, she even walked right into glue still setting, and lost her moccasin.

Their Fair was tomorrow.  So much needed to be done.  Panting, she sat down.  She would close her eyes for—

Shuffling feet awoke her.  She could see her shadow!

Read about Leekah putting in overtime with Santa’s elves.

34 thoughts on “Fairies Don’t Sweat, They Glow

    • That’s a thought, isn’t it. I did take my very first Flash Fiction, “Offered Up”, and turned it into a novel. My first draft came in at 170,000 words. And it all came from one of Rochelle’s pictures. Silent

    • Hi Rochelle. I was really surprised where this went. I didn’t get the clue until I looked closely at the clock and realized all the numbers had fallen off. Then, I realized someone had stopped time. And everything fell into place. Silent

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