Grandma Knows Their Names


Grandma Knows Their Names

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.

Read About Amy sledding.

white swans“Please, Aunt Mary, let me out, please?” Amy tugged her seatbelt.  She couldn’t wait.

Cold air whipped Amy’s face as she slid out of Grandma’s car.  Amy giggled and skipped to see the white birds.  Grandma knew their names.  What could she feed them? Grandma had always brought bread.

Amy stopped and put her hands in her pockets.

Grandma wasn’t in her house, which always smelled like baked bread.  Grandma was in that other place, with funny smells.  Daddy told Amy to be good and not make noise.  Mommy cried.

Aunt Mary picked Amy up.  They held each other tightly.


Read about Amy making a pie.

33 thoughts on “Grandma Knows Their Names

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    • Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory is that if we know the entire story, and leave parts out, readers will still understand. For me, nano fiction can be a powerful demonstration of this. Thank you for reading, Silent.

      • You write my favourite type of fiction. There’s skill in finding the right balance between what to leave in and what to take out. You’ve done it very well here.

      • Thank you. I’m also trying to write a novel. My WIP’s first draft came in at 170,000 words. So, I’m quite capable of running off at the mouth. Ha. Silent

    • We will see. I was honestly trying for 90,000 words. And I stayed, pretty much, in my outline. But those scenes just took forever to write. And it’s going to take even longer to trim them, I think. Silent

  2. Reminds me of when we used to go to the old people’s home to see my great-grandmother. The smell was so unpleasant yet I don’t think it was necessarily a bad place. Sad story well-told.


  3. Ouch – Right in the feels. The sudden change in position – from welcoming, warm bread, to ‘place of funny smells’ (as good a description of a hospital as I have read)… This is very good.

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