Are We So Different – Bench Pressing Strong Verbs


Are We So Different?

I intend to become a better writer, using strong verbs, making a little game out of it.  Today’s strong words are adhere, demonstrate, burden, constitute, aggravate, contrast, compare, believe, argue, and disappear.

Click here to read about Tammy’s feeling of being watched.


Tammy’s body adhered to her original purpose. It climbed those dank, cold stairs, into sunlight. Letting it continue, she hoped she demonstrated poise and courtesy. Her thoughts of the Count still burdened her. His possible intentions toward her constituted an unending source of anxiety. Her worries fed on her fears, aggravating her mixed feelings about him.

To think of the two of them was to contrast their differences. Aside from their genders, he was European, sophisticated and sure of his right to take what he wanted. She was of the People, unrefined, and knew slights and prejudice. There was no way to compare their experiences, stations, and expectations and find common ground.

Her heart might believe he was different from other men.  And her heart cried out for him to see her as a person.  Could he see past her body, and find her interesting? But her spider senses argued he was like all men. When he saw a pretty girl, he wanted her. He would ply her with compliments and endearments, wearing her down. Believing in his charm, he would think only of captivating her soul.

Without his ring, she would have no protection when the magic of conquest wore off.  He would bequeath her coins, and disappear, off to sew seed in unplowed fields.  With no justification of her status, those who came after would show her no respect.

Unless she could set snares of her own, entrapping his heart.

It was crazy that she felt like dancing.

Without ever looking up to his balcony, she ushered her tour group back down familiar passages. Happier now, she poured herself into enriching her group’s experience.


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