Silent’s November Nibbles


Silent’s November Nibbles


Restless shuffling.

Endless wells of energy.


One month and a day after I finished the first draft of Scepter’s Sacrifice, I’m still trying to be normal again.  I still think about my story, but it’s beginning to fade.  I found myself trying to recall all my important characters, and had to look at notes to find two of them.  So, I suppose it’s starting to fade.

But, I couldn’t turn off my compulsion to write.  I worked on exercises in James Scott Bell’s book, Plot and Structure, doing Plotting To Be Scene – Part Five (Middles), Plotting To Be Scene – Part Six (Endings), Plotting To Be Scene – Part Seven (Scenes), Plotting To Be Scene – Part Eight (Complex Plots), Plotting To Be Scene – Part Nine (Character Arc), and Plotting To Be Scene – Part Ten (Plotting Systems). But, I did stop at that point, because he goes into revisions, and I want to wait until I’m ready to revise my WIP.

I turned back to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers, and 100 word nano fiction, with Fairies Don’t Sweat, They Glow; Grandma Knows Their Names; and Twisted Spells. I’ve always loved writing these short stories. This is the only form where I don’t plan anything. I look at the picture prompt, and write. I can see my entire story in a glance. Every word counts. I find it to be like solving a puzzle.

I went back to old exercises, writing what I call Strong Verb stories. I wrote That Special Time of Year; and Butterflies and Tingling Skin. These are fun. I take ten strong verbs, drawn at random, and work them into a story.

I took part in a DP Weekly Challenge, writing Keening Kisses. Once, I had dreams of winning one of these, and getting Freshly Pressed. But, I don’t write edgy stuff they want. Since I don’t bash Catholics, Republicans, or traditional values, I will never be in vogue. And…I’m okay with that, especially after seeing the lack of quality writing they adore.

On Scribophile, I rose to the challenge of writing a fifty word story, Hopeless Waiting, that I didn’t like very much, and was just as happy I didn’t win. And, when they sponsored a horror story contest, I wrote Whispers of Halloween, something I wish I hadn’t written. I’m not Stephan King. I don’t like filling my mind with things like that.

So…now what?

I itch to go back to work on Scepter’s Sacrifice but continue to resist.  I’m told I should continue to wait.  I’ve located several books I may order on revising manuscripts.  And I still don’t think I have good understanding of how to make a scene work.  So, I could fill my time with learning more of my craft.

I am planning a future project, Blossoms In The Snow.  Once, on one of those sites, I wrote a short story that I always felt deserved better.

I came up with a theme,

Unless we forgive ourselves, we cannot give or receive unconditional love.

A logine:

When someone needs help with his suicidal friend, a vulnerable former hot-line worker tries to help, only to discover their tangled secrets threaten her own sanity.

I’m also developing an outline, using Blake Snyder’s Beats.  I still need to fold in character arcs for at least three people.


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