Giggles, Sniggles and Arugula Salad


Giggles, Sniggles and Arugula Salad

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Janet’s unexpected Quidditch Match.

lost“Of course people are looking,” Janet glared at Gregor

“’s so public.”

“Really?”  Janet stroked Taffy.  Her golden eyes were so cute.  “Three miles from our chimney flue?  Nothing closer?”

“How did I know Enchanted Lane wasn’t Enchanted Drive?”

“You never pay attention.”  Janet coaxed Taffy to follow her.  “Daylight, too.”


“Honestly, Gregor.”  She’d wanted him to go with his friends.  Home at three AM, was bad enough.  But…baby dragons?  “What will I do with you?”

“Maybe I can make—”

“Look. Wolfgang Puck’s.” Janet tugged Taffy’s leash.

Gregor groaned.  “This is going to be expensive.”

Read about Janet’s new neighbors.

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