One Taken, One Returned, One Remains


One Taken, One Returned, One Remains

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Rachael’s difficult choice.

garageSaying it doesn’t make it—”

“C’mon Rachael, we’ve been over—”

Pablo never listened, always doing it his way.  She turned away, hiding her tears.  The padlock scraped shut for the last time.  His hands were on her shoulders.

“It’ll be alright sis.”

“But, it was—” She turned and buried her face in his chest. “—all he had.”

His stroked her hair.  “I’m back.”

“I’m glad you came.”  She needed to be held, but his crutches were new.  “Dad was so proud of you.”

“I came when I could.”

They turned.  She took his weight.

Her proud SEAL let her.

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