Silent’s December Dilemmas


Silent’s December Dilemmas


Watching others.

Watching others write.

Watching others write NaNoWriMo.

I heard about NaNoWriMo late last year, and thought it sounded like just the thing I needed.  And I laid out my writing schedule so I could participate.  Unfortunately, it took me longer to get my WIP started, and 102 days to write.  That put me in the second week of October, without time to create story and character arcs that interested me.  So, I watched.

Instead, I used November to catch up on life, to study, and to write fun stories.  I started off with a childish poem, Ode to NaNoWriMo, cheering on the millions who participated.  I felt urges through jump in and write anyway.  I pulled out one of my old shorter stories and tried to create a novel length outline, using Blake Snyder’s Beats.  I got feedback on Scribophile and realized I wasn’t ready to write it, so I set it aside.  I still want to write it, but I will wait.

I started studying scenes, and finished two chapters before life overtook me.  I started a new writing series, and wrote Seeming to Scene – Chapter One, and Seeming to Scene – Chapter Two.  In the process, I developed new appreciation for structuring a scene, seeing scene occasion, scene events, and scene emotion as separate parts of a scene.  I looked at scenes from established authors and then some of my own scenes.  I have far to go.

I turned to fun things, writing another in my Strong Verbs collection, Are We So Different.  In truth, I’ve come to appreciate the use of verbs which need no adverbs.  And, writing my little stories is the real reason to write now.  I’ve decided I like all my characters, little Amy in grammar school, Janet the urban witch, and Tammy the guide in the mysterious Chateau.  I’m most drawn to Tammy, and my eventually write more about

I took my chances, again, with the Daily Post Weekly Challenge, with Cousins, Corners, and Cinnamon Crisp.  I featured Amy in this one.  Again, while some people liked it, I slid by WordPress without any notice.  And, in truth, I don’t care anymore.  I rarely look at what has been freshly pressed.  The creators of WordPress have a very clear political and cultural agenda, shown by what they pick.  And…it isn’t mine.  So, I’ve stopped caring.

Rochelle, in her Friday Fictioneers, provides weekly prompts for nano-fiction, 100 word stories.  I posted two, Giggles, Sniggles and Arugula Salad and One Taken, One Returned, One Remains.  In the first, Janet tried to return a lost baby dragon.  In the second, Rachael, another recurring character, welcomed home her brother, wounded in the far away wars.  In neither case did I have a clue where Rochelle’s picture prompts would lead me.  I was happy with both stories, and people looking at Rochelle’s site were kind enough to like my stories a few times.

Where Do I Go From Here

Sooner or later I will have to decide what I’m going to do with Scepter’s Sacrifice, my WIP.  I’ve been studying scene construction and reading how-to-revise books.  The first step will be to print it out and read it through.  I’m thinking, if I can stand it, to wait until after the first of the year.

In the mean time, I should continue to work through my Seeming to Scene series, learning as much as I can about scenes.



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