Always Winter, Never Christmas


Always Winter, Never Christmas

Please accept my submission for Friday Fictioneers.
Read about Leekah helping the old woman.

always winterLeekah muttered.  Another chorus of We Are Santa’s Elves broke out.  Hefting her hammer, she pondered Santa’s window.  How many taps?

Icy air would freeze those stupid elves in mid-song.

She gazed at Santa’s garden.  His grapes had succumbed.  Summer’s gentle breezes, warm sun, and endless frolics were frozen forever.  Everything she loved had ended.

Elf Gloria nudged her.  “It won’t last.  What if we only had winter?”

Leekah shivered.

“We have hope,” Gloria said.  “Promises of new beginnings.”

“Christmas?”  Leekah said.  She smiled.  “I should visit the Old Woman.”  She nudged Gloria back.  “We could hang her ornaments.


17 thoughts on “Always Winter, Never Christmas

  1. Your title made me think this would have some tie to the Chronicles of Narnia. I don’t remember any fairies there, but I suppose a few might have been on hand when the White Witch set the deep freeze over the land.


    • Nor do I remember fairies in Narnia. But I do remember Winter. Winter is death at it’s most complete, death’s final victory. And, without hope, death wins. Christmas offers that hope.
      Thank you for your thoughts. Silent

      • Without the snow and ice of winter the agriculture in the part of the world where I live would be horrifically damaged. I guess it’s all in perspective.


  2. Leekah is an Elf after my own heart. It would be horrible to have only winter. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Christmas in July? Lovely tale

    • I think our friends in the southern hemisphere have fireworks and picnics at Christmas, don’t they?

      I think I read a short story once, sort of a ground hog’s day, only Christmas morning kept repeating itself. I don’t remember how it went though.

      Thank you for reading – Silent

  3. I can identify with Leekah. Winter can be a gloomy time. Her irritability comes through really engagingly, and sympathetically. I’m in Australia, and yes, as you say above, our Christmases can be hot, hot, hot. Picnics, cold Christmas dinners and long holidays are what many do. But there are strong connections with winter Christmas traditions for some – hot turkey dinners, hot plum pudding. At least with winter Christmases, you get a festive break to the gloom.

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