Seeming to Scene – Chapter Four


Seeming To Scene

Chapter Four


I was in my favorite used book store and found The Scene Book – A Primer For The Fiction Writer by Sandra Scofield.  I’m working through her exercises.  The third chapter, The Focal Point, was short and had no exercises.

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hypocritI opened Scofield’s book last night, expecting to find my writing exercises for the rest of the week.  With the preceding chapters, I needed to take several days to complete what she asked for.

To my surprise, I found two and a half pages, and nothing to write.

But what she did talk about fit perfectly with earlier exercises on the physical structure of scenes.  Good scenes have a focal point, something our scenes build up to, and ramp down from.  Maybe they happen early, or near the end, or somewhere between.

Since I’m still reeling from the earlier chapter, and how unhappy I was with the scene I picked to “unmuddy”, I will go ahead with my plan to deconstruct it.  And I will apply the idea of focal points.

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