Silent’s January Jumble


Silent’s January Jumble

reportPlease, not another

    What I Did In 2014.


What I Plan To Do In 2015.

Christmas and Family were my focuses.  I wrote when I could.  I finally read my hibernating WIP.

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WIP – My First Reading


How Does Your WIP Grow?

My First Reading

23Seventy-nine days.

Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas.

Butterflies swirled as I stared at an entire pack of paper. My title page boldly proclaimed Scepter’s Sacrifice. Was it junk, as Hemingway prophesied all first drafts to be? Did it do Deheya justice? Could I just upload it to Amazon and slap $3.99 on it?

Not exactly. Not yet. If I wanted to embarrass myself.

Did I like it well enough to finish it?


When I was Christmas shopping, I picked up printer paper. I thought about printer cartridges and decided to pass. Christmas loomed. I plunged into wrapping presents, trimming trees, cooking, being with my family. At odd moments, I wondered what I would think. I didn’t dare tell my family and friends.

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