Silent’s January Jumble


Silent’s January Jumble

reportPlease, not another

    What I Did In 2014.


What I Plan To Do In 2015.

Christmas and Family were my focuses.  I wrote when I could.  I finally read my hibernating WIP.

I opened December thinking I would write Christmas stories.  I opened with Always Winter, Never Christmas, using Rochelle’s photo prompt  in Friday Fictioneers.  My story just popped out of nowhere.  I imagined I would fill my blog with more Christmas stories.  Somehow, I didn’t.  Looking back, I feel sad.

I continued my study of scene craft.  I finished Scofield’s Chapters Three, Three Revisited, Four, and Five.  I gained insight I did not have before.  I understand tension and release at some level.  I’ve changed my approach to writing scenes.  Before, I started with dialog.  I produced talking heads.  Now, I start with physical beats and grounding, instead of jumping straight to dialog.  I tested my understanding, taking my WIP’s Scene 317.  Then I revised it.  I’m happy and relieved at my progress.

But, I was restless.  I wanted to write.  So , I turned to my Strong Words series.  My favorite in that trio of characters, Tammy, was up.  I put her into Icy Streets and Treacherous Footing.  I’m toying with giving her more attention, independent of Strong Words.

When I set out with Strong Words, I wanted to reduce my reliance on adverbs.  I’m conscious of them, now, can almost write without them, unless I want them.  Still, some slip through.  Now, when I write, it’s puzzle solving, using my ten random verbs to tell my tale.  It’s fun.

Since September, an elephant sat in my writing room.  I finished my WIP and promised myself I would wait to read it.  I spent my time learning about scene writing, knowing I had to improve.  After Christmas, I went back to my WIP it’s First Reading.  My story worked, almost.  Don’t get me wrong.  It isn’t ready for anything, yet.  But, I think it is better than many things I see on WattPad or Amazon.

What’s Next?

I’m still digesting my First Reading notes.  I cannot escape cutting my story down.  No publishing house will ever sign a newbie author to a 163,000 first novel.  I need to come down to 110,000 words.  I can see many structure changes I want to make.  I want to reduce my POVs from seven to four.

So, I will figure that out.




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