WIP – Revising Scene Seven



Scene Seven

I revised scene six.

23I feel guilty.

My mother-in-law is gone.

And…I’m still married.  Ha.

When I got up this morning, I felt like running barefoot across lush green lawns.  I could see myself springing ballerina like, legs stretched in mid-air splits shouting, “Mine.  All mine.”

Her visit did give me time to think about scene seven.  As much as I wanted to get my laptop and start writing, I couldn’t.  So I contented myself with pieces of paper and little notes.  At night I would stay up several minutes and type them up.

Scene Seven (April 3rd)

Scene seven was new.  In my First Draft, I didn’t feel I established my MC’s culture.  I based her People on Native Americans.  She married into Colonial European aristocracy.  I had no sense of where she had come from, and why she could never go home.

So, this was my scene to do all that.  I wanted to show touches of her culture and home life.  And how could we understand her without knowing her mother and father?  To add tension, one of my junior villains appeared.  He uttered dark threats and stirred things up.  I even foreshadowed his death.

I’m not sure of my scene’s structure.  It is longer than I wanted.  I budgeted 1,300 words for it, and wound up with almost 2,000.  And I know why.  It could really be two dialog scenes, and could be easily broken apart.  But it wouldn’t be quite as easy as just adding and extra space after a paragraph.

In my first part, my MC interacts with her mother.  I showed her performing a typical women’s task.  As they talked we get hints of female power and influence in their culture.   I want to show in a future scene how much better off they were than their European sisters.

In my scene’s second half, my MC and her father talk politics.  I wanted readers to understand the Far Away King’s threat to her People and to her husband.  I also wanted to show her father’s strategy to join his country with her husband’s.  His plan is that her child will rule both.

Political marriage plays a huge role in my story.  I study her feelings about her role.  With her marriage, hated enemies, stained with blood, set aside their weapons.  And, as long as her marriage endures, peace lives.

I will have a better feel for this when I go back and reread all this foreshadowing.

How Am I Doing?

I reached 10,362 words with scene seven.  I wanted to be at 9,100 words.  That’s 1,262 words too many. I’ve budgeted 1,300 words for each scene in Part One, so I’m already a scene over.

Read about scenes eight and nine.

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