Silent’s March Missive


Silent’s March Missive

reportSo…what happened to February?


Three funerals.

I officially hate 2015.  For a long time I wished I could pull my covers over my head and wait until next year.

I felt like someone had cut my heart out.  At times I wished someone had.  I’m still grieving, but I’m mostly past the anger phase.  At least I didn’t do anything permanent.  And…I’m still married.  So I must not have been all that bad.

I don’t think I was on WordPress in February.  I thought about deleting this.  I wondered if I would regret it, so I stayed away.  I’m not even sure what I’m trying to do with my website anymore.

And I didn’t do anything with my WIP for a long time.  I’d begun January hoping to complete my revisions by March or April and move on to other projects.  Instead, I didn’t write anything in February.  Sometime in March I finally looked at my notes.  Slowly…ever so slowly…I got more interested.  I read Jordan Rosenfeld’s Make A Scene, and finally found out how to structure scenes.  After that, I relaid my WIP out.  Then I revised my first scene.  As of today, April 4th, I’ve revised nine, with 65 to go.  I have no idea what my schedule is.

I spend much of my writing oriented blogging on Scribophile.  One thing they brought up was that, if I publish stories on WordPress, and do not put passwords on them, I’ve just used up my first publishing right.  I can’t ever do it again.  If I’m ever good enough to try for traditional publishing, I don’t want to have screwed it up by posting my story here.

But it’s not as bad as that might sound.  I never posted my story.  I did blog about my experience as I wrote my scenes, but they were pretty general.  And, as it turns out, I’m revising my story.  If my first nine scenes are any indication, no one would recognize my story by the time I get done with it.  So, I would be able, in clear conscience, be able to check their box saying I’ve never published it.

Someday I might go back and edit my posts on my first draft.  But, other than for my reading, I’m not sure why I would ever rewrite them.  It’s not like I’m going to write another story, How I Wrote Scepter’s Sacrifice.  Ha.

What’s Next?

I will keep revising my WIP.  I would love to complete my revisions by the end of May.  Then I will see what happens next.

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