WIP – Revising Scenes Eight and Nine



Scenes Eight and Nine

I revised scene seven.


“I’m back in the saddle again…”

With my company gone, I’m back to my passion.

Well…my other passion.

I have time to write again. And I don’t have to explain it. He just rolls his eyes and tells me I’m crazy. I love those eyes. And he loves crazy lil’ me.

I had just written two scenes that hadn’t been in my original WIP. And then I revised two scenes. One of my two revisions was so massive that I was, really, writing something new.

And each of those three experiences felt different. My two new scenes were blank pieces of paper. But, unlike my first draft, I knew how I was going to structure them, using Jordan Rosenfeld’s scene types. And I had clear goals I was aiming for. When I sat down to write these scenes, I slowly put each one together. Writing only one scene each day, my pace was no better than scenes in my First Draft.

But, with scenes eight and nine, I had an existing script to work from. My experience was quite different.

Scene Eight (April 3rd)

Since my WIP already had Scene Eight, I suppose I was revising what I had written. But I had many changes I wanted to lay in. And, although I had planned this scene to be dialog, I decided to make it dramatic instead. Dialog scenes are best used to reveal plot or character, and anything I could think of felt forced. After reflection, I decided I wanted to force my MC to decide something important in her character arc, which is what dramatic scenes serve.

So, I sat about revising my scene. Except…I had changed my setting from some nondescript place to an elegant ball room setting. And I tossed in early tension between my MC and her husband. And then I set her on course to melt down in front of haughty European aristocrats. I needed her melt down so I could force her out of politics and prepare her to return more popular than before.

But, all along, I had struggled over what she would do which would so offend Ren’s Court, and why it would prove so dangerous. In an earlier scene I had written more about her culture, and I was in her mind-set when she compared treatment of women and orphans in Native American and Europeans societies. So, it turned out to be surprisingly easy. Really, all I had to do was draw on my own feelings, and I don’t know why I shied away from writing them before. Amazing.

My scene wasn’t hard to write, even though I could only use snippets of my original scene. Because I had my basic idea already in place, plugging in different words was simple. I hope future revisions go as smoothly.

Scene Nine (April 4th)

Scene Nine’s revisions weren’t as drastic. I probably saved about half my words, and reused many ideas, phrased differently. Writing my scene as dialog, I needed to bring out something important. And I’m proud of what I finally picked. Somehow, deep down, I always knew what it was.

I also tumbled into my Scene Eight felt forced. It was because my conspiracy scene is Scene Ten. When I revise Scene Ten, I will use it to set up Scene Eight. And everything will flow more logically. My only pitfall will be tipping my hand too soon.

How Am I Doing?

I reached 12,953 words with scene nine. I wanted to be at 11,700 words. That’s 1,253 words too many, so I closed my gap ever so slightly. I could still build another scene with my extra words. I pray and hope I am more concise in my future scenes.

Read about Scene Ten.

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