WIP – Revising Scene Ten



Scene Ten

I revised scenes eight and nine.

23I’m living dangerously…again.

I hope I’m not playing fast and loose with my story.

I changed my scene order.  As I wrote Scene Nine, I discovered an opportunity to spin webs of intrigue I had missed in my first draft.  If I moved Scene Ten in front of Scene Nine, I could create one of those action-reaction thingies going.

My question became where to put it.  Scenes Eight and Nine occur within minutes of each other, so it had to come before them.  And it wasn’t hard to draw on emotion and momentum from Scene Six, so I put it in front of Scene Seven.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I didn’t see those links earlier.

Scene Ten (April 5th)


When I wrote my original scene ten, I had tried to infuse it with tension.  So it was natural that I wanted it to be structured for Suspense.  I also wanted to introduce another important character, my first junior villain.

Since I already had something to work with, I went to my notes and snipped out passages which hadn’t worked when I first read it.  I also cut out other details which I’d changed.  In this version my villain / love interest has never met his future junior villain before, so they could have no familiarity with each other.

And then I began to rewrite my scene.  Using Scrivener, I put my original scene in my left pane, and my Suspense crib sheet went in my right pane.  I turned on Scrivener’s Inspector, and I had my original in-line notes in a third pane.

And then I went through, paragraph by paragraph, fixing my scene.  After having fretted about it last night, I found it easy to revise.  My sense is it’s still more rough than I would like

How Am I Doing?

I reached 13,962 words with scene ten. I wanted to be at 13,000 words.  So I have 962 words too many.  But, that is better than 1180 words too many.

Scene Eleven is new.  I’m explicitly advancing my story question.  From that point, all my important characters are going to wrestle with it, finally making choices they will have to live with, and maybe die with, as my story unfolds.

Read about scenes eleven and twelve.

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