WIP – Revising Scenes Eleven and Twelve



Scenes Eleven and Twelve

I revised scene ten.

23I completed two more scenes today.

And, I’ve almost got my word count back on target.

And, my joy for writing has returned.  I’m not so much excited to write, and I feel so right doing it, as if I was always born to it.

I’ve been thinking about how writing first drafts is different from revising.  I’ve written with and without outlines to guide me.  Without outlines, I have little or no idea where I am about to go.  And I get butterflies swirling in my tummy.  I’m no less anxious when I have outlines to lean on.  Even though I know where I thought I was going, I’m never quite sure.

But revising has been so very different, so far anyway.  Maybe it’s because I have my First and Final Images so etched in my mind.  Or maybe I just have more confidence in my Plot and my Character Arcs.  But I’m writing with far more confidence.

And, it’s fun.  I hope it stays this way.

Scene Eleven (April 6th)

With scene eleven, I was back to writing new material.  My scene structure choice was dialog.  I needed this scene because I’d never explicitly posed my story question.  When I replanned my story, I laid in specific points where my important characters had to choose.  And I needed to give readers something which clearly stated what my story was about.

As I’ve said in other places, I unwittingly used dialog for almost my entire first draft.  So, I’m pretty comfortable with this form.  Except that I hadn’t paid explicit attention to plot or character reveals.  I think I will have to wait until I reread this to gauge how heavy-handed I’ve been.  Ha.

I’ve also paid far more attention to something else.  Settings.  Guided by Rosenfeld’s thoughts on scene structure, I’ve tried to work it in where she suggests.  Something which has helped me is to have pictures to look at.  For my scene, I set it in a crypt, below a church’s sanctuary.  So, I googled crypt and tomb images and came up with something creepy.  After that, I could imagine dripping water, rats scurrying away, and foul odors.  Perfect.

Scene Twelve (April 6th)

With scene twelve, I was back to previously written scenes.  To advance my plot, in a future scene, I need some to try to assassinate my MC.  So, in my first draft, this scene had been that setup.

This time around, I was less in need of it, that I needed to give readers an opportunity to look into her mind, to watch her try to make sense of what has happened around her.  Especially with that reveal in scene ten, and how paralyzing it has been for her.

So…I took my first try at contemplative scenes. My first thought was that it looked no different from Sequels as Jack Bickham had taught with his scene – sequel construct.  But, as I looked at Rosenfeld’s thoughts, I saw perils in an entire scene just inside her head.  Rosenfeld suggested weaving in external observations with her internal thoughts.

So, I tried it.  My original scene had been about my MC and her husband watching fires devastate their city.  When I revised it, she watched, alone.  I focused her external world on watching a single house catch fire and burn to the ground.  Looking at pictures of Elizabethan Tudor houses gave me enough hints that I constructed five paragraphs on how fire would consume it.  Then I interlaced internal thoughts reflecting on her experiences with her husband, her brother-in-law.  And, at another level, she also considered how she was trying to change her adopted country to be more like her home.

I wonder how it reads?  I will go back and look at it in a month or so.

How Am I Doing?

I reached 15,789 words with scene twelve. I wanted to be at 15,600 words.  So I am almost back on track.  I counted on scene twelve helping me.  And it did.  I have six previously written scenes ahead of me.  I changed one POV.

Now that people must start to react to my story question, I feel like everything is about to take off.  I’m beginning to get excited.

Read about Scenes 13 and 14.

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