WIP – Revising Scene Fifteen



Scene Fifteen

I revised scenes thirteen and fourteen.


I hate taxes!

Why is everything so hard, and Turbotax keeps wanting to do all those stupid updates.  Isn’t once enough?

So, I revised only one scene today.  My dream of finishing all four remaining scenes left in Part One vanished.

I’m tired and frustrated.  And I didn’t want to write.  But I made myself do it.  But I don’t think it’s very good.

One of the reasons I’m not very happy about it is that I’m beginning to reshape my story into a smaller size.  In my original, my story sprawls across two cultures.  While my MC spent little time in her native culture, I used a lot of words to paint pictures of Native Americans.  But that isn’t where my story is.  My story rests, largely, on her struggle to deal with her husband’s European heritage.  So, I’ve begun to scale back portions of my original story.  And I almost feel I’m betraying something inside myself.Who knows.  If I ever write a sequel to this, maybe her son experiences mixed blood life in two vastly different cultures.  Maybe I will feel better about that.

Scene Fourteen (April 8th)

In my first draft, I brought all my villains together in scene fourteen.  For the only time in my story, they were all in the same room.  I could have painted their room with testosterone.

Once again, I went with dialog.  But my first draft was really two little scenes and a bigger scene.  I really had to decide how to show my scene’s goal — that my villain / love interest was now involved so deeply in a plot that he could not back out.  That the only escape other than victory was a hangman’s noose.

So, I examined all three scenes.  Although it broke my heart, I stuck with the two smaller scenes, where he deals with his European allies.  I made him realize that, like it or not, he must win or lose with his fellow villains.

And I was very sad that I took out all that back and forth between him and his historic enemy, a Native American.  I boiled all that down into one simple exchange.

“You are the Dog Duke’s brother?”

Christor stiffened, eyes growing hard.  “Kuha Kaun, I presume?”

I a movie, we would get some dramatic music, and a fade to black.  But, just in case, I have 500 original words to build up Kuha Kaun if I need to.

How Am I Doing?

I reached 19,706 words, 206 words over my target.  In  three more scenes, I will complete Part One.  My original Part One was 17,000 words.  I’m aiming for about 24,000 words.  If my new scenes work, I think I will have made jumps between scenes more palatable and understandable.  Or…I could still be wrong.  Ha.

Read about Scene 16.

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