WIP – Revising Scene Seventeen



Scene Seventeen

I revised scene sixteen.

23I’m nearing Part One’s ending, working my second to last scene. After yesterday’s realization I would have to revise again, anyway, I felt no particular pressure.

Scene Seventeen (April 10th)

I approached Scene Seventeen with a back-to-basics frame of mind.  I decided to stay with Rosenfeld’s Dialog structure.

Before I could revise it, I had to fix my POV.  And I did it in layers.  In my first layer, I simply went in and changed my nouns and pronouns from one POV to another.  As part of that, I removed all internalities associated with my former POV.  My new POV had no internalities so I didn’t need to remove them.

Before I fixed my POV, I went through my notes and added key information where it hadn’t been before, adding bread crumbs from earlier scenes, and pointing on to future scenes.

Further, I hacked out stuff I didn’t want, and added other things to make everything flow.

Now I was ready to fix my scene.  For that, I went back to Scofield’s layers.  I highlighted all physical beats in blue, scene and physical description in green, and internalities in yellow.  Except I had little yellow, since I had changed POVs.

After that, I put in physical beats where I wanted and needed them in blue.  And in went my grounding information.  I made sure my POV and antagonist both had enough physical beats to show what they might be feeling and telegraphing their intentions.

From there, it was time to fix my POV.  Paragraph by paragraph, I added internalities.  And my yellow text grew.  Where I had only yellow text to go with dialog, I looked to see if a beat might not help.

I salvaged a great deal of my text, but I spent a lot more time revising it than I might have had I simply rewritten in.  I will have to compare my reaction to this scene as opposed to some scenes which I simply tore all the way down and rewrote.

How Am I Doing?

With Scene Seventeen (when can I start using just numbers anyway – maybe after twenty?)  I have 22,643 words now, 543 words over target.  And, if I can bring my next scene in at about 1,300 words, I will have met my goal of growing Part One to 24,000 words.

Read about Scene Eighteen.

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