WIP – Revising Scene Eighteen



Scene Eighteen

I revised scene seventeen.

23With completion of Scene Eighteen, I finished Part One.  I’m too inexperienced to know if I did well or not.  Only when I read it will I hope to have any idea how well I did.

Scene Eighteen (April 12th)

I wanted to recast Scene Eighteen as Suspense.  As I read my First Draft’s version, I could see that I had tried to bend it toward suspense.  But, however much I might reach for it, my material was wrong.  I had not chosen an appropriate trigger for my scene.

Using Rosenfeld’s template, I went about reimagining my scene.  I could not find the trigger.  I pondered it all day Saturday, feeling pressure to finish my scene and my first part.  I outlined my scene, hoping something would occur to me.  But, when I went to bed, I didn’t have it.

When I awoke, I had it.  I reworked my template, until I had something I could live with.  Then I wrote my scene.  Even though I reused as much of my original scene as I could, rewriting took me much of the day.  But, by the end of today, I had it all down.

How Am I Doing?

With Scene Eighteen, I have 24,172 words, 172 words over target.  I started with fourteen scenes from Part One, deleted one, and added five.  I grew my first part of the book from 16,863 words to 24,172.

I think I closed all my plot holes and laid down everything I need to launch into my story.

Going forward, I have just the opposite problem.  Part 2 is 9,090 words over.  Part 3 is 38,338 over.  And Part 4 is 15,756 over.  In all, I will have to cut 63,184 words.  I will find out if I’ve sufficiently replanned to make it all work.

And now, I will be away for a week, and then on into the chaos of Part Two.

Read about Scene Nineteen.

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