WIP – Revising Scenes 20 and 21



Scenes 20 and 21

I revised scene nineteen.


Do I really like surprises?

I wonder.

When I found out I wasn’t going out-of-town this week, I assumed I would have found time for writing.  Dreams of revising at least one scene each day collided with my life.  And…who know I would be so tired?

So, instead of racing through Part Two, I slowed down.  I only got through three scenes.  I’m dismayed.  At this rate, I won’t be done with my first revisions until…who knows when?  Maybe never.

I’m so aware of writing that I’m almost paralyzed at times.  I have thousands of words, few fitting my scene template.  I find myself dithering.  I know what’s happening.  I’m stirring my stew until my intuition kicks in.  And then I go write.

My new approach seems to have become pull up my old scene, pull out my notes, and copy over my chosen scene type template.  Then I fiddle and fiddle and fiddle.  And, finally, I write something.  Only I know I’m not done.  Next morning, I have different ideas of how to write my scene.

Gag.  I don’t want to spend threes days on each scene.

But, enough of my pity party.

 Scene 20 (April 15th)

Dramatic scenes demand characters make choices.  And my villain / love interest found himself at his last big life choice.  I was able to keep much of my original material, but writing of his sin was so hard.  He has set in motion events which will destroy him.  And I grieve for him.

Anyway, I have my scene.  But, I didn’t get enough dramatic reaction out of him.  My next pass needs to pump up character reactions from everyone, not just him.

 Scene 21 (April 19th)

Everything is in motion now.  My characters will run.  Some will chase, seeking whom they ay devour.  Others will run for their lives.

With Scene 21, two important characters must escape capture and flee into darkness and how to survive until dawn.  Suspense?  Yippers.  My first job was to change POVs.  Then I had to re-imagine my opening  I did my best to ramp up suspense, but I didn’t do as well as I might.  This is one where I’m curious about my reading reaction.

As I was finishing my scene, I came up something which might increase tension far beyond what I already have.  Were I to use one of my all but faceless characters to pressure my POV, I think I could heighten tension which isn’t really there now.  But I resisted yet another trip into paragraphs so worn and changed I can remember sentences which are no longer there.  Time to stop.

How Am I Doing?

With these two scenes, I’ve reached 29,880 words.  That puts me 480 words over target.  Both scenes were substantially larger than their first draft cousins (400 and 600 words larger).  I need to do better.

I hope to find a groove and get back into a steady stream of revisions.

Read about scene 22.

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