WIP – Revising Scene 22



Scene 22

I revised scene 20 and 21.


One day.

One scene.

After struggling all last week, I wanted to prove to myself I still cared, that I could still do this.

Scene 22 (April 20)

When I revised my scene list, I decided scene 22 would be perfect as a dramatic scene.  I had decided to change my POV.  I also discovered that how I ended scene 21 left me with continuity problems going into scene 22.

When I went back and looked at how I’d ended scene 21, I found I had created problems for myself.  When I ended with a cliffhanger, I couldn’t just start where I’d planned my next scene.  Simply starting where I wanted to start was too jarring.

So, I gave in and added a mini-scene using Rosenfeld’s Action Template.  I titled it scene 22a.  In less than 400 words I resolved scene 21 and launched myself into scene 22 proper.  I need to consider this technique for scenes which jump too far ahead in time from my previous scene.

In scene 22 proper, called now called scene 22b, I shifted my POV.  In my original scene, two characters engaged in an extended conversation.  My new POV never have participated in that conversation.  I couldn’t just have him sitting there, watching others play ping-pong.  So, I shifted my focus, and found concentrated on my new POV, and what he needed to do in dramatic scenes…driven to face a decision he wants to avoid.

I rewrote most of it, using parts of my original scene.  I even saved a snippet of the original dialog and let my new POV overhear it.

So How Am I Doing?

I ran long, again.  I’d budgeted 1,800 words and used 2043.  My WIP is up to 31,957 words, 757 words over where I wanted to be.  While that might not seem like much, I could write half a scene.  I must do better.

Read About Scene 23.

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