WIP – Revising Scene 23



Scene 23

I revised scene 22.



I hate it.

But I’m more alert and motivated under pressure.

I hate that too.

I found out I will be going out-of-town after all.  I could have just said screw it and stopped writing my next scene.  Instead, here it is after midnight.  And I just finished it.  And I will have to drive tomorrow.  But that’s what caffeine is for, right?

 Scene 23 (April 21st)

When I replanned my WIP, I planned to revise one of my scenes.  As I read through my old scene, I realized I should have merged it with a second scene.  So I adjusted my outline.  While that may seem like a deviation, I have clear memories of what I wanted to do.  Somehow I had written it down wrong.

As I looked at the two scenes, I decided not to use the first scene, and focus on the second scene.  I found that knowing what had happened in that earlier scene helped me write people’s reaction to it.  In miniature, I feel like I validated Hemmingway’s Iceberg Theory.  So I feel brilliant.  Ha.

I wanted Scene 23 to be a dialog scene.  I’d written nothing but dialog scenes in my WIP so I expected this revision to go quickly.  It didn’t.  I feel for the first time, that I finally understood how to structure a dialog.  The purpose of a dialog scene is to reveal something about my characters and the plot.  And, for once, I had perfect vision for what I wanted to do.

I reused very little of my original dialog.  But, again, because I knew how my original scene went, I could retell my story with confidence.  It’s almost as if I’m cropping the same picture as before, but I’m taking a different part of the image.

I look forward to reading this scene.  I hope it is as powerful as I think it is.

How Am I Doing?

I wrote Scene 23 in 1,711 words, which brings my total word count up to 33,668 words.  I’m still over my target count, but I brought it down a little, to 668 words.

And with that, I’m away from my computer and the net for several days.  I don’t expect to post anything else until the weekend at the earliest.

Happy writing.

Read about scenes 24 and 25.

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