WIP – Revising Scenes 24 and 25



Scenes 24 and 25

I revised scene 23.


Our car broke down.

We didn’t get very far

So I came home and went back to work

I found time to write, but I didn’t get nearly as much done as I might have.  It’s just that it’s so easy to find other things to do.

Some of them even without my computer.  Ha.

 Scene 24 (April 22nd)

Scene 24 was always going to be action.  And I thought it would be easy to write.


My problem was that I wanted a lot of build up to get into it.  I stripped down as much as I could, wishing I’d had another scene to help set this one up.  I spent 300 of my 1200 words before their knives came out.  I tried to pep up their dialog with barbs and verbal combat, letting it escalate into their knife fight.

This scene was one of my junior villain’s debut as POV.  I don’t much like him, and am glad I don’t have to spend much time in his head.  But I didn’t see any way around not living through some of these things with her People without him.

When I wrote my action scene, I finally found myself trying to visualize what a knife fight would look and feel like.  I didn’t let it go on very long because my characters were under time pressure, but I didn’t anywhere near my budgeted 1,800 words per scene.  I think my word count was down because I didn’t allow my POV to think much or feel much.  He and his opponent just acted and reacted.  I found it all very interesting.

 Scene 25 (April 26th)

When I replanned my scene order, I had intended to compress two scenes into this scene.  I needed to introduce her mentor.  I had originally wanted this scene to be contemplative.  Unfortunately, contemplative scenes are, by their nature, solo scenes, with our POV searching her heart, trying to sort things out.

So, I kept divided up my original scenes, shoving the second one into Scene 26, and restructured Scene 25 as dramatic.  That way, I was able to introduce Captain Eward.  She receives bad news and wants to continue on a course even more risk than she knew.  Captain Eward and her brother refuse to let her.

I tried something new, for me.  I let her escalate her feelings, and I used encounters with three different people.  After she received bad news, I let her express agitation with her brother because he would not do as she wanted.  Then I let her anger boil over with her sister when she got no support.  And then I let her anger become rage, where she finally slaps Captain Eward as hard as she can.

I wonder how that will read?

How Am I Doing?

I wrote my action scene, twenty-four, with 1,197 words.  And I wrote my dramatic scene, twenty-five, in 1,892 words.  I’ve now reached 36,380 words, 220 words under my target.

And…I’m over a quarter of the way through my word count, and over a third of the way through all my scenes.

Happy writing.

Read about Scenes 26 and 27.

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