WIP – Revising Scenes 26 and 27



Scenes 26 and 27

I revised scenes 24 and 25.


I set aside my drama and kept pushing on.

My reward?  Two scenes in two days.

 Scene 26 (April 27th)

When I originally planned scenes 25 and 26, I knew I had timing issues.  I had moved things around and I was pretty sure things would not fit.  And they didn’t.

I ran into conflict between what I needed my scenes to do vs what the scene templates emphasized.  All that sounds vague.  But I needed my MC to make critical decisions in Scene 25.  She intellectually resisted her choices, but welcomed in her heart.  That meant I couldn’t introduce her future mentor.  So, that had to wait.

When I reached scene 26, I had intended to use drama, but I needed to get her mentor properly introduced.  So, I decided on dialog.  I got her introduced to him, and to readers, which I so wanted to do.  I also used reveals inherent within dialog scenes to spring yet another twist on her plans, placing her in greater dangers and no good place to turn to.  Perfect.

I did like setting description I wrote in my original scenes, and I tried to weave some of that in.  I hope it worked and I did not cheapen my writing.

 Scene 27 (April 28th)

Scene 27 is special because this is where I have Pinch Point One.  I show the nature of the opposition to my MC.  When I get TO Pinch Point Two, I will show their power.

One of the things we need to be aware of is that Pinch Points occur at a certain place in our stories.  Pinch Point One should occur halfway through Part Two.  Pinch Point Three halfway through Part Three.  Would rather have grouped Scenes 27 and 30 together, but that would put Scene 27 too late.  And, if I moved Scene 30 up, it would be out-of-order.

As I prepared to write my new ideas for my scene, I took the time to read what I had originally written.  My villain / love interest has to deal with his mother.  And, in my original story, she had never recovered from her trauma, and was drifting between a dream world and reality.  And I like that.  So that changed my approach to revising.  I tried to keep my whimsy and other worldliness, but still create tension and suspense.  Imagine being the guy who killed his own brother sitting down with their mother and promising to find the killer.  And remembering she could always tell when he lied as a child?

I will reread this one with anticipation.  Maybe I can capture that feeling we get when we go home and get forced back into our childhood emotions and behaviors as we deal with our parents?

How Am I Doing?

I have 27 of 74 scenes revised or rewritten.  And I reached 39,829 words, a third of the way to my word count.  I’m 371 words under my target.

I became aware, yesterday, that I’m beginning to make wholesale changes to some pretty good words.  And, today, I really loved an important character.  If I hadn’t taken time to read about her, I would have changed her from a mother, shattered at the death of her oldest son, to a…bitch.  And she isn’t that at all.  I need to be careful.

Happy writing.

Read about scenes 28 and 29.

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