WIP – Revising Scenes 28 and 29



Scenes 28 and 29

I revised scenes 26 and 27.


Life got in my way.

After working all day, I was too tired at night to think straight.  And I couldn’t write.  Talk about a guilt trip.  Ha.

 Scene 28 (May 7th)

Revising scene 28 proved so difficult I almost gave up.  When I revised my plan, I reduced my POV’s from seven to four.  And, if I kept Scene 28, I needed to change POVs.  I also decided I wanted it to be dramatic, then dialog, then, finally, suspense.

As I approached this scene, I was more aware of scene types than I’ve ever been.  And I fixated on how to write a suspense scene.  Falling back on my normal approach to these things, I fiddled around, waiting for inspiration.  But it didn’t come.

Finally, I realized my new scene couldn’t simply trade one POV for another.  I needed something very different.  Scene 28 bore striking resemblances to scene 29 and scene 30.  And, with my new POV, I simply couldn’t have him do what my original POV had done.

So, I wrung my hands, guilt ridden and despairing.  I even toyed with starting something different.  Eventually, I hit on an approach and wrote my scene.  I wonder what it will read like.

 Scene 29 (May 10th)

Scene 29 wasn’t easy to start either.  When I replanned my scene, I thought I wanted dialog.  But dialog scenes are about character and plot reveals.  But I goofed.  My reveal had popped up in an earlier scene.  Try as I might , I couldn’t come up with something new.

So, what scene type could I use?  Suspense had left a bad taste in my mouth, I decided on dramatic.  Bu that meant someone got forced into making decisions.  I POV would be busy pressing a junior villain to support the Loyalists, only to be surprised and forced into a decision of his own.

Looking back, it feels like a natural conclusion to a reluctant joining of the Loyalist cause, being pulled in deeper and deeper with each new disaster.

How Am I Doing?

I have 29 of 74 scenes revised or rewritten.  And I reached 43,332 words, and I’m 468 words under my target.  Of my six remaining scenes, three of them were, originally, two or more scenes.  So I will have a positive balance in my word bank (wish I could say the same about my credit card).  If I have words left over, I know a couple of scenes I would like to revisit and expand a little.

Happy writing.

Read about scenes 30 and 31.

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