WIP – Revising Scenes 34 and 35



Scenes 34 and 35

I revised scenes 32 and 33.


I just finished Part Two.

Time to step back, take a deep breath, and be amazed.

 Scene 34 (May 22nd)

I broke Scene 34, as originally planned, into two scenes.  I wrote Scene 34, Scene 34A, and Scene 35, as close together as I could.  My MC was POV in all of them.  And this was her chance to show off her qualities.  I’m proud of her.

I wrote Scene 34 as dramatic.  Dramatic scenes require difficult choices, and lots of emotion in arriving at them.  I force her to make a hard, hard choice.  The hardest choice a mother would ever have to make.

I wrote Scene 34A as suspense.  Once she starts, she cannot go back, but has to finish what she started.  And she must run toward what she hopes is her second worst enemy.  Does it work?  I hope so.

 Scene 35 (May 23rd)

I also wrote Scene 35 as suspense, picking up where Scene 34A ended.  She reaches her goal, and must deliver herself up to her second worst enemy, and how they will help her.  Suspense?

Looking back on this sequence, I wonder if I’ve written too many suspense scenes in a row.  The reread should help me.

How Am I Doing?

I have 35 of 74 scenes revised or rewritten.  I reached the Mid Point in 59,831 words, some 169 words under my target of 60,000.  TO do that, I added 7318 words to Part One and cut 5,300 words from Part Two.  I planned 35 scenes, but wound up with 39.  So I have 39 of 78, which, coincidentally, is exactly half.

Using Rosenfeld’s scene types, I rewrote my entire first half.  I came up with one First scene, three Action scenes, 1 Contemplative scene, thirteen Dialog scenes, eleven Dramatic scenes, and ten suspense scenes.  Whether I applied her templates correctly or not, I felt more in command of my scenes, having a feel for not only what I wanted my scenes to do terms of story, but how to do it in terms of story telling.

Part Three terrifies me.  If I’m to fit into 120,000 words, I must cut over 34,000 words, or nearly half of what I wrote.  When I replanned this part, I decided on 22 scenes, so I will need to average 1,600 words per scene.  Right now, the average for each scene is 3,200 words.  Yikes.

I did cut my POVs from seven to four.  That, alone, minimized some of my subplots.  And I saw, in Part Two, that my MC’s father and her Uncle-In-Law became minor characters.  With my remaining POVs, I saw one junior hero grow more than I expected, as I found more and more things for him to do to fill plot holes.  On the other hand, my remaining junior villain played a smaller role than I expected.  He has two scenes in Part Three, and I need to consider what they add.

Happy writing.

Read about Scenes 36 and 37.

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