WIP – Revising Scene 38



Scene 38

I revised scenes 36 and 37.


I moved further into Part Three, with three down and 18 to go.

Scene 38 (May 27th)

I had originally planned to lead off Part Three with this scene, and a big reveal.  But, as I wrote about in Scene 36, I couldn’t make my timeline work for me.  So, I moved this scene to follow.

I originally intended to write it as Dialog, with the big reveal.  But I had already done that, so I had to reconsider what I was going to do with this scene.  Since I couldn’t come up with any big plot or character reveals, I briefly considered Contemplative, but I had done one of those two scenes before.  So, I hit on the thought that my villain / love interest should decide something, so that left me with Dramatic or Suspense.

So, I decided on Dramatic.  And that meant that almost all my original words were useless for my purposes.  Not to say that the ideas weren’t still good.  It was that my words told part of the story that I didn’t need or want to tell.  So, I basically rewrote my scene.

Is it stronger. I think so.  Does it push my villain / love interest forever down a path he cannot return from?  Sadly so.

How Am I Doing?

With 64,701 words on paper, I’m on the down-hill side and hope I can pick up steam.  With my scene coming in at 1,152 words, I actually have a surplus of 285 words.  So far, so good.  Fingers crossed.

Read about Scene 39.

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